Kat Has a Guest Appearance with @TheJayRoy on New YouTube Show “Reality Rehab”

This spring I wrote a series of articles about Big Brother Canada.  My own personal experiment to see if I could elevate the discussion surrounding the social experiment that is the very popular long-running international series.  Now that the American version of the show is running I was contacted and asked to be a guest on a new YouTube show called Reality Rehab by Get Real LOL where I got to talk with BB17’s Jason Roy.

If you’re interested in hearing what it’s really like being on this kind of reality competition show, or just want some gossip about the current season, check it out.

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#BBCAN3 – And the Winner Is… Production!


After ten long, twisted, weeks there is finally a winner for Big Brother Canada Season 3. And how.

Of course, this being reality television the finale was a two hour show the first ten minutes alone dedicated to recapping the season thus far with dramatic voice overs from the three remaining HGs. And it wasn’t until the last 5 minutes that anything of real importance was revealed.

Well, I shouldn’t say of any importance. We did get down to the business of declaring a final in a fairly timely fashion. Continue reading “#BBCAN3 – And the Winner Is… Production!”

#BBCAN3 ep 26 – The Final Final Twist (No Really… We Mean It This Time)


Big Brother Canada ends next week. So if you were watching last night and did some quick math you might have realized that they were going to need to throw out another Twist, Twistos sponsored or not. And so, even though they said the last Twistos Twist! was the final twist of the season we ended up with another one. Double eviction night! Again! Continue reading “#BBCAN3 ep 26 – The Final Final Twist (No Really… We Mean It This Time)”

#BBCAN3 ep 24 – Hell, Heroes & Jalapenos


All I want to do is talk about the Mad Men finale. And gossip about the Mad Men finale. And gush about the Mad Men finale. I want to speculate about what would have happened if we saw them in the 70s. And that kiss. THAT KISS! But instead I’m going to talk about Big Brother Canada, Sunday’s other thing that happened that most of you won’t watch until later. (sidenote: if you’d rather talk Mad Men, specifically Stan’s ass in those jeans, hit me up on twitter @katarnett)

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BBCAN3 – The Final Twistos Twist



If I was being paid to advertise for Twistos I might make a comparison that there are two sides to the Big Brother Canada Twistos Twist!

But they’re not.

So what I will say is that there are good and bad aspects of every Twistos Twist! they’re throwing at the house this year. We can all agree it’s made for some very interesting television, which ultimately is the show’s main objective. But I for one am glad they’re done. Continue reading “BBCAN3 – The Final Twistos Twist”

#BBCAN3 ep 18 & 19 – Never Trust a Big Butt & A Smile.

bbcan3It’s Tuesday. I figured by Tuesday I would be able to drum up something clever to spin about the show. Something that transcends the nothing much that happened on Sunday & Monday’s episodes. And yet, here I am on Tuesday. Stalling. Contemplating pouring another cup of coffee. Updating facebook about “Dad Bod” in comparison to Magic Mike XXL and then searching iTunes for Ginuwine because once one get’s Pony stuck in their head one must listen to the entire song.

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#BBCAN3 ep 13 – “I Want Your Blood On My Hands.”

bbcan3Julius Caesar was a military General, author, and politician. He was the first Roman to invade Britain. The founder of the Empire. A self-proclaimed King and ‘dictator in perpetuity’. A man who formed an alliance that ran things in Rome for years.

Caesar was stabbed 23 times by a group of 60 men and bled to death on the floor of the senate. A execution planned by his best friend Brutus.

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#BBCAN3 ep 11 & 12: In and Out and Back In

bbcan3The biggest mistake anyone can make in the Big Brother house is thinking they’re safe. It’s the equivalent of running upstairs or saying “What’s the worst that could happen?” in a movie. And as any film fan knows, just when you think the bad guy is gone for good, they’ll pop back up and make your life hell.

Which brings us to the “Thanks to KFC!” Twist that carried over two episodes… one of the people evicted so far is coming back. And they want blood. Continue reading “#BBCAN3 ep 11 & 12: In and Out and Back In”

#BBCAN3 ep 8 – Namaste, Bro.

bbcan3There was a major record-scratch moment in tonight’s eviction show. Normally I tune out the last ditch pleas of the people on the block to stay in the house. They really don’t make any difference and have devolved into a series of obnoxious shout-outs to people back home. On some very rare occasions you’ll get someone making a last-stand “screw you” speech. Something memorable.

Tonight was memorable. In it’s idiocy and lack of self-awareness. Graig’s final speech targeted Johnny Veto accusing him of being a bully and saying “I hope going forward you can come to grips with your own insecurities. Namaste.”

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#BBCAN3 ep 7 – Big Egos, Bullies, and Boss Bitches

bbcan3No less a person that Sigmund Freud said “The ego is not master in its own house.” 

And as tonight’s episode proved neither is it a master of the Big Brother Canada one. Perhaps someone who studies psychology or philosophy for years would be able to write a much deeper thesis on the events that befell Graig this evening. Alas, I am of the Good Will Hunting “library card” school of knowledge so instead I say, “How do you like them apples?” Continue reading “#BBCAN3 ep 7 – Big Egos, Bullies, and Boss Bitches”