#BBCAN3 ep 8 – Namaste, Bro.

bbcan3There was a major record-scratch moment in tonight’s eviction show. Normally I tune out the last ditch pleas of the people on the block to stay in the house. They really don’t make any difference and have devolved into a series of obnoxious shout-outs to people back home. On some very rare occasions you’ll get someone making a last-stand “screw you” speech. Something memorable.

Tonight was memorable. In it’s idiocy and lack of self-awareness. Graig’s final speech targeted Johnny Veto accusing him of being a bully and saying “I hope going forward you can come to grips with your own insecurities. Namaste.”


He denied his own behaviour, blamed the victim and followed it up with Namaste which means “I bow to the divine in you”. Used to express many things (like a Sanskrit Aloha) but among them respect and gratitude. It might be the first time I’ve heard “Namaste” pronounced “Fuck you”.

It’s great to see that people are embracing yoga for their mental and physical well-being. That they are embracing ancient cultures different from those they were raised in. Graig even led yoga classes in the house. I don’t care how well you’ve mastered scorpion pose, or how much you enjoy a good downward dog in the morning, maybe we don’t start tossing out Namaste with hostility, Bro.

But as we have learned about Greg Graig of Maple Ridge, BC… he doesn’t seem to have a firm grasp on the meanings of words.

I’m not even talking about how Wizard Chess Jordan’s diary room confession where he cattily referred to Greg Graig & Fun Bobby as “Dumb and Dumber” at the start of tonight’s episode. I’m talking about words like “respect”, “bully” and “misogyny”.

By his own admission in the DR following BritBrit putting him on the block because she doesn’t like bullying Greg Graig said “If I had to tear down a few people in this Big Brother house and they took it as bullying that’s on them. I won’t change.” Now I know “bullying” is a hot-button word of late, and Jordan admits the same thing that maybe it wasn’t “bullying” but just being dumb. How some people interpret being bullied is different from how others might. Mostly it has to do with personal history and tolerance of abuse where people decide to draw that line for themselves. We know from BritBrit & Johnny Veto’s history both have been bullied excessively growing up, so I imagine they might be more sensitive than others. What we can all agree on is that Greg Graig was straight up being a dick. And he proved it once more when after the Veto Ceremony Brittnee approached him to talk and he blew her off and called her a “fucking loser”.


As far as “respect” and “misogyny” go, see many of my previous posts about his behaviour. It is crystal clear that Greg Graig doesn’t think women have minds of their own. For starters he is convinced that Brittnee changed her mind at the last minute after being influenced by Johnny, and that 10 hours prior he was fine. Not for a moment does he consider that Boss Brit was playing a masterful game and he was a target from the start. Even after he is evicted – UNANIMOUSLY – he says to Arisa that she kept changing her mind. He never once caught on to how smart she was. Graig doesn’t give any of the women in the house credit for thinking at all. How could I make such an accusation? Because tonight on the show he said in a conversation to Godfrey, “Tell all the boys. Fuck the girls, the girls will follow.”

Namaste, indeed.

While Greg Graig may not fully grasp what words mean, there are some other house guests who aren’t quite clear on what “live feeds” mean. And unlike GG, it’s actually pretty hilarious. You see, Quarterback Zach and Ashleigh have a good thing going in the house. She’s a hot blonde virgin, he’s a prairie born stud. They’re pretty much the real life version of a Nicholas Sparks movie. Zash think they’re being very clever with their flirting, and keeping it subtle. And by subtle I mean when he was in a towel and climbed on top of her to make out she reminded him that someone could walk in.

You know who else could walk in? ALL OF CANADA.

You’re on camera. 24/7. That means that if people go online they can watch you sleep if they want to. And if you’re not sleeping they are definitely catching that. Often with really close zoom-in camera angles from the creepy production team. With infrared cameras. Canada’s Quarterback seemed a little fuzzy on those details to so he decided to ask Jordan (a SUPER FAN) what the live feeds can see. It was almost adorable that he thought maybe they weren’t in the Have-Not room. Where he admitted that things got a little frisky.

Poor Zach. He doesn’t even know that not only is that streamed live, there are a lot of people who record clips of the live feeds and put them on Youtube. Oh, is he in for a shock when this is over.

Heads up to anyone playing along at home this week has an online TWISTOS TWIST! Over the next 2 days you can vote to decide how the Power Of Veto gets used. You have the choice of the Veto having to be used IMMEDIATELY or having there be 2 POVs to win.

For now… Namaste, kids.