#BBCAN3 ep 15 – The Best Lie is None At All

bbcan3The two worst things that a person can do while in the Big Brother house is a) have a big ego & b) tell a big lie. Gossip, backstabbing, and failed coups will not damage your game as much as those two things. And when the two are combined? Someone is about to go down. Spectacularly.

Exhibit A: Sindy With An S.

Sindy, Sindy, Sindy. Her Showmance is barely out the door and already Sindy is trying to use it as leverage. Before the live commercial break is through she’s crying fake tears and plotting to blame Jordan’s eviction on Willow. (Poor Willow, meanwhile, is so far out of the loop she might as well be playing a different show.) Stoner Sarah warns her not to lie too much because she’ll get caught. But does Sindy With An S listen?

Of course not.

Sindy With An S knows best. Sindy With An S knows so much more than everyone else. Sindy With An S is super sure of herself.

She shouldn’t be.

Because Peely Pilar wins Head of Household. And in the process shows her cards that she’s working with Quarterback Zach, Ashleigh & Classy Kevin. But Sindy With An S has things totally under control you guys. Peely Pilar has barely stopped bouncing before Sindy walks in on her celebration with Ashleigh and tries to convince them both that Willow was the one who voted out Jordan. And once more we see Sindy super confident in her ability to put a plan together.

What Sindy With An S wasn’t counting on was Fun Bobby. Probably to everyone’s surprise Bobby made it clear that voting to get out Jordan was a one time thing, and in fact he has no interest in working with the other side of the house. He even tried to throw the HOH competition to show his loyalty. And right after it was over went to talk to Quarterback Zach and tell them that it was Sindy With An S who got everyone to vote out Jordan.

The Quarterback of course tells the cheerleader, or at least the cheerleader’s boyfriend. So the boys know what’s up.

But Sindy With An S is not finished. She wakes up super early and pulls all the non-Chop Shop members into the HOH room. She reveals that she wasn’t in  sequester before coming back and is pretty smug about telling them all about the Chop Shop. What Sindy doesn’t know is that Kevin already knew about the Chop Shop. So Kevin sees right through Sindy’s ploy.

But Sindy is very sure she’s making all the right moves. In no way does she see that she has not only shown them all that she’s a competition threat but that she had no problem cutting her on-screen love interest, blamed it on someone else, all the while completely lying for days about where she’s been. Because Sindy thinks she knows best. That she’s so much smarter than everyone else, especially the girl with all the power, Peely Pili Pilar.

Pilar is no fool. She nominated Sindy & Godfrey. Both of whom gave her no credit for being able to think for herself.

And while she was making a power move her other half, Kevin, picked a team to play for the right to eat food for the week stacked full of his enemies, and then threw the competition to make them weaker.

At this point I’m calling Pilar, Zach & Kevin for final three.