#BBCAN3 ep 20 – (Twistos) Twist The Knife In My Heart


Triple. Eviction. Night.

No one could have seen this coming. In the biggest TWISTOS TWIST! of the season (or of any season anywhere) tonight saw three people hit the bricks. One of which was in tears. If you haven’t watched it yet don’t read any further because I’m about to spoil it for you.

Let’s start with the first eviction of the night. After Monday’s show and Fun Bobby outing himself as a major liar there wasn’t much doubt as to who was going to go home. And there was even less doubt when Bobby overheard Ashleigh, Sarah & Willow talking about breaking up the Chop Shop which he immediately ran to tell Zach & Godfrey about. Which might have worked if he hadn’t forgotten that eavesdropping can go two ways. Of course the girls overheard them talking (including Zach saying something dumb about having Ashleigh in his pocket) and rallied up their best Girl Power! instantly deciding they couldn’t afford to lose Boss Britt.

So Fun Bobby was nixed. And good thing too because Boss Britt won the next HOH.

And before she could even catch her breath the HGs were told there was a surprise… dun dun dun… TRIPLE EVICTION NIGHT! Just before we cut to commercial you got to see a glimpse of what 8 people collectively thinking “OH. SHIT.” look like.

Consider the tables not just turned but flipped over. Boss Britt nominates Quarterback Zach, Peely Pilar & Classy Kevin. Because no strong alliance can ever last. For half a second she considered nominating Willow, but went with the obvious targets instead. Zach looked like he’d lost his best friend. Pili didn’t seem to know what was happening. But Kevin, he knew it was Veto or Bust.

It wasn’t in the cards for Kevin, all three nominees lost out on the POV to Papa Bruno. But the TWIST wasn’t over… because Papa Bruno decided to save Zach! And in his place Boss Britt threw Willow to the wolves. By the time we got back from commercial there was mascara all over her face.

The house vote was fairly divided, Zach & Bruno tried to save Willow in one last Chop Shop band of unity… but ultimately Pilar was the only one safe. Kevin gave her a pep talk before leaving (unlike Willow who bolted in tears)…. and then there were 7.

Here’s where I’ll take a second to bitch about this particular twist so late in the game. For the most part the majority of HGs haven’t settled on a strategy. All have multiple overlapping alliances, and some have floated (or slept) their way to this point. As far as “game”, the real in-depth, long-play, snake-in-the-grass, mental gaming hasn’t been there. With the exception of Kevin. Who started playing the game before he got in the house. He didn’t make any enemies. He adapted his strategy to the people and slithered through every week. If there were any flaw it could be argued that shacking up with Pilar so early made him a target, then again it also kept him safe for quite a while.

Oh Kevvy-wevvy.

I still have to hand it to Production, it was a hell of a ride. And just when we thought we’d learned all the surprises… TWISTOS TWIST! (Or was it KFC? I can’t keep these sponsors straight)….

Canada is getting some power this week, and it’s two-fold. We get a chance to nominate two people to be Have-Nots for the week… BUT TWISTOS TWIST!… they won’t just be suffering on slop. They’re also going to be competing for a Super Power that’s hidden under the floor in the Have-Not room. The Super Power will allow them to change one or both of the nominations right before they vote to evict!


So Canada, get over to the Big Brother site and get to voting!