#BBCAN3 ep 13 – “I Want Your Blood On My Hands.”

bbcan3Julius Caesar was a military General, author, and politician. He was the first Roman to invade Britain. The founder of the Empire. A self-proclaimed King and ‘dictator in perpetuity’. A man who formed an alliance that ran things in Rome for years.

Caesar was stabbed 23 times by a group of 60 men and bled to death on the floor of the senate. A execution planned by his best friend Brutus.

[enter Quarterback Zach]

Things in the Big Brother Canada house this week have gotten downright Shakespearian. Lies, intrigue, betrayal, and power struggles every which way you turn. It’s fantastic.

Sindy With An S is back in the house and secured her Safety card for the week. She can’t be nominated as a replacement so she lives to fight another day. She also puts on quite the performance acting as if she has no idea what has been going on in the house. Meanwhile she has all the dirt locked up tight to use for later. And though they all seem to buy Sindy’s schtick the HGs are flipping out that she’s back.

Except for Stoner Sarah who is delighted. Sindy has decided that Sarah is the only person she can trust and spills the beans on the Chop Shop alliance.

Turns out she’s only the first who would be blurting out secrets this week.

[enter Jordan a.k.a. Brutus]

Et tu, Jordan? In theory Jordan should be feeling safe this week seeing as his best friend and strategic alliance member Zach is the Head of Household and making all the calls this week. In a true cautious political way Zach is playing it slow, and looking at all his angles. So when Zach absolutely destroys the Power of Veto competition (sidenote: THE BEST POV EVER DESIGNED IN THE HISTORY OF BIG BROTHER, a human sized ant farm that they had to enter one by one in the dark with flickering lights to find small flat discs)… you would think that Jordan would feel relieved. That he would trust the fact that Zach would know what he’s doing to protect them both.

I don’t know about Brutus, but Jordan has no faith in Caesar. He was all about riding Zach’s coattails when he felt like he was in control, busy throwing competitions and happy to let Zach stick his neck out for them both. But the second Jordan has to put himself in harm’s way suddenly he’s all like “Everybody grab a knife! Let’s all stab Caesar!”

Zach merely discusses the possibility of leaving up Jordan so they can get out Godfrey without pissing off Bruno & Bobby, and then letting things settle down for this week and Jordan goes running off to Kevin. Not only does Jordan tell Kevin that he has been in a 2-person alliance with Zach since the first day, he also tells Kevin all about the Chop Shop. Jordan threw Zach under the bus, got on board, and then backed over him a few times to make sure he was toast.

And then he cries. “I thought we had something special.” Yeah, Jordan, Zach probably thought that too.

Just to seal his fate Jordan also went to cry on Sarah’s shoulder and make sure she knew that Zach is a huge threat. Brutus, you really are a fucker.

Meanwhile in Zach’s world he’s been weighing all the different scenarios and decides it’s probably best to get out Godfrey.

Godfrey seems to agree. I think? Who knows. At the Power of Veto when Jordan & Godfrey were asked to give Zach a reason to save them Godfrey went for a full blown attack. I’m guessing his idea was to try some sort of reverse psychology. He is supposed to be a Psych major even if he seems to be the most clueless about how people’s minds work. His big play was telling Zach not to use it on him, to use it on his best friend Jordan because Godfrey is coming after him and “I want your blood on my hands.”

Um. Okay.

Wednesday is going to be interesting. Here’s hoping Zach’s fate is better than old Julius’.