BBCAN3 ep 25 – The Best Friend or The Boyfriend?


We’ve all been one corner of this particularly hellish triangle. Take two best friends, add in a significant other and lay down an ultimatum. Them or me. Already it’s a hard choice, but throw in the prospect of $100,000 and it becomes impossible.

Which is where we find our houseguests this evening…

Yesterday we found out the Stoner Sarah was nominating the final Showmance: Quarterback Zach & Ashleigh.

In tonight’s episode everyone battles it out for the Power of Veto, which matters now more than ever. Keeping with their great sponsor-driven competition themes this one was by Shomi and featured recreating a giant tablet with the logos for shows they offer. I’d like to offer more commentary on what ultimately was a boring competition (mostly because of how terrible they all were at puzzles) but to be honest the main image they were assembling was a Sons of Anarchy poster. Which of course distracted me with thinking about how much I love that show. And how with SOA and Mad Men now off the air, along with a host of other favourites I’m not really sure what to look forward to in the fall. If you haven’t seen Sons of Anarchy do yourself a favour and watch it. A modern retelling of Hamlet set in a biker gang of northern California it does not disappoint. In the final season it ended up telling the most progressive and open minded love story ever seen on screens large or small.

I digress…

Blah blah blah, Ashleigh wins Veto.

Zach knows that Ashleigh will save herself, and so she should. He doesn’t even think of asking her to take him off instead. He does, however, concoct a genius plan wherein she and Peely Pilar would go to Stoner Sarah and Boss Britt to convince them of their excitement for an all girls final four. And if he was playing with two people who had the ability to lie it probably would have worked. Unfortunately for him the two women he’s working with are adorable kittens who tried to manipulate two lionesses. No chance.

Stoner Sarah is not buying that the girls are on her side. Because she’s in power and she’s paranoid. And because it’s the truth. So when Ashleigh saves herself Pili takes her seat. And now along with Godfrey & Brittnee, Ashleigh will have to pick between her boyfriend and her best friend.

I’ve spoken about the heightened emotions of this show scenario before. They’ve known each other for less than 60 days. She should absolutely not make¬†this decision with her heart.

In the real world when a love interest comes between two friends it’s almost always the friend that loses out. The person makes the choice for what they see as their future, not their past.

The same should be true for the game. Ashleigh needs to save the person who will get her to the end. The truth of the matter is Pilar is there because everyone thinks they will get more votes if they’re seated next to her in the end. True or not the house perception is that Pili doesn’t think for herself or play to win. I personally think that’s crap, but it’s the reputation she has. Ashleigh holds almost the same spot in the house, the second place finish. The only scenario in which one of them wins is if they’re sitting next to each other. And the likelihood of that happening is slim. More likely is that the rest of the house will end up choosing either Pili or Ashleigh, and one will go.

On the other hand is Ashleigh’s “Showmance”, Zach. Who has the biggest target of all on every one of his perfectly chiseled and always on display abs (shout out to whoever is controlling the thermostat!) Every other person wants Zach out immediately, and as a result Zach has no option but playing to win every single time. If Ashleigh keeps Zach she is eliminating the person who fills her role, keeping a massive target, and getting a human shield in the process as Zach will have no one else but her to be loyal to.

Logically she needs to keep him if she wants to walk out of the house with cash in her pocket.

But I’m not sure she’ll be able to look Pilar in the face and vote her out.