#BBCAN3 ep 11 & 12: In and Out and Back In

bbcan3The biggest mistake anyone can make in the Big Brother house is thinking they’re safe. It’s the equivalent of running upstairs or saying “What’s the worst that could happen?” in a movie. And as any film fan knows, just when you think the bad guy is gone for good, they’ll pop back up and make your life hell.

Which brings us to the “Thanks to KFC!” Twist that carried over two episodes… one of the people evicted so far is coming back. And they want blood.

I lumped episodes 11 & 12 together because there was no point in talking about a Live Eviction that might not be any eviction at all. So let’s go back in time a little bit to when Papa Bruno was still in charge…

Canada voted to give whoever won the veto a Twistos Twist! Power of Double Veto. A power that created a lot of controversy and confusion online because of the way Arisa explained it on the show the previous week. Basically Bruno was told he could remove one or both of the people on the block. A Twistos Twist! that would have been interesting if anyone other than the HOH had won. Alas, Papa Bruno does nothing and goes ahead with his plan to get rid of Johnny Veto.

Note to future house guests, if Canada gives you the power to do something DO IT.

Speaking of other potential BB rules to live by (and I’m looking at you Prodcution)… there should always be a Newfie on the cast. Last week during a round of challenges that BB set for the HGs in order to get booze Season 2’s Jon Pardy was let back in the house. It was like they had finally turned on the lights. Sitting around in a house for days on end can be so boring, and Andrew, Alison & Jon made huge differences in their seasons to liven things up. A Newfie can turn anything into a party! Cast more of them, BB Canada. And while we’re at it some Francophones wouldn’t hurt either.

As for earning their liquor, the HGs did just that. Not really sure why Big Brother is making them work for it this season, especially when it makes for much more entertaining television. Unlike the five television shows they were tasked with producing that were unbearably painful to watch. Just give them liquor and let them do their own thing, stop making us watch dumb challenges.

But back to the game… Quarterback Zach & Wizard Chess Jordan’s “Newport” alliance is feeling pretty full of themselves. Though they readily admit while doing a confession video together that it will absolutely blow up in their faces, and they don’t seem too concerned about it. The HGs are starting to get wise to how close they are, especially Bruno and Godfrey. But they decide to put getting Zach out on the back burner for another week.

Mistake numero uno, boys.

The house voted out Johnny Veto unanimously. Johnny, the “big threat”, that they just HAD to get out. Who was the first person eliminated in the overly hyped “Competition Like You’ve Never Seen Before” to get back in the house. But we’ll get to that in a second.

First up is a Before & After HOH competition that comes down to a tiebreaker between Godfrey, Zach & Pili. Zach has decided it’s time to blow up the Chop Shop, Godfrey can’t wait to get out Zach and wants to target the Showmances, Pili thinks there are 2600 minutes in 3 hours. She might need to come up for air once in a while, being suctioned to Kevin’s face seems to be killing brain cells.

But we live by the “that’s going to bite you in the ass” rules of life, and so Quarterback Zach wins HOH. Which I’m pretty stoked about because he’s playing a great game and it’s hard not to like him. And I’m not just saying that because he looks like a Disney Prince. The other person excited to see Zach win? Jordan. Who runs across the yard and jumps into his arms blowing their secret alliance cover.

Mistake two.

Zach is thinking well beyond Jordan’s little show of affection as if he has a playbook for the week. Pretty quickly he decides to put up two pawns and backdoor either Bruno or Bobby but tell them both he’s going to backdoor Kevin. The real genius in his plan is the next part… he doesn’t comfort the pawns. Instead he comforts the people who aren’t on the block. This is the subtle masterpiece of Zach’s game. He knows that no matter how much you reassure a person nominated for eviction that they’re safe they’ll still be paranoid. The smarter play is to make lull your silent targets into complacency. Make them feel like they are in no danger at all and they won’t proactively try to save themselves.

In a normal week the Quarterback would have easily run his play. But nothing is ever normal in the Big Brother house. So when the nominations were done, and the HGs were playing cards in their PJs fully settling into their roles for the week BB decided to show them that just outside the house were the 5 people they’d sent packing hanging by a thread.

Well, technically a rope.

This “never before seen competition” was a “we’ve seen this before endurance competition” where each of the five had to stand on a small knot on a rope. As time went on they would have to move down to progressively smaller knots. Johnny was the first one out, then Greg Graig and Risha the Cougar. Sindy With An S and Boo Boo Kitty (Naeha) were the final two. And when they got down to the tiniest knot Naeha fell.

So. Sindy With An S is back. And TWIST! Has the potential to be safe for another week. Arisa let her back into the house under the strict instructions not to make any noise and to go straight to the Vault. Once there she was told she would have to solve a logic puzzle to earn protection and if the time ran out she’d be spending the night alone locked inside.

Can Sindy With An S save herself? More importantly how quickly will she blow the lid on the Chop Shop?

We’ll know more tomorrow…