#BBCAN3 ep 16 – Kentucky Fried Veto

bbcan3Last night one of the people who has followed all my Big Brother Canada recaps (possibly the only person?), Sam, compared the cast’s behaviour this season to high school. Sam hit the TWISTOS TWIST nail on the head. It’s exactly like that. Or like what MTV’s The Real World has become. Horny 20-somethings falling back on cliques, getting drunk and making out.

Poor Papa Bruno must be bored out of his mind. He’s basically the den mother of the frat house. Or whoever the adult is that tries to make sure things don’t go completely off the rails.

I’m almost certain Production is in on the joke. This week featured a houseguest challenge in which 4 different people were tasked with trying to break into the Vault without being seen (Kevin, Godfrey, Sarah & Willow). Meanwhile Bruno was told that there would be people attempting this and he had to stop them no matter what. Papa Bruno fulfilled his mission while the rest of the gang devolved into more and more ridiculous and bizarre behaviours.

And the prize? Booze. Again. Because the prize is always booze. And the tasks are merely a vehicle to get the HGs to do something… anything… than lay around and makeout with each other.

I almost feel bad for Production this season. Almost, but not quite, because they haven’t brought back Marsha the Moose and we’re five weeks in!

But hey, Production has other things on their mind this year. Like cashing those sweet sweet sponsor cheques. If it were anything other than a Canadian reality show the sponsored competitions would be frustrating. But I can’t hold needing to turn a profit against Big Brother Canada. They can slap a logo on every competition from here on out as long as they keep coming back for more seasons. (Or at least until casting wakes up and puts Sam on the show!) It’s a Canadian show and we need to support our Canadian shows as much as we can.

(Speaking of which… you’re all watching Remedy now, right? Like I told you to? Because things at Beth-H are getting CRAZY. I mean, would it kill someone to show Griffin some compassion? Shit! I digress…)

So tonight we find the Power of Veto competition sponsored by KFC! Fortunately Production’s creativity is not deterred by those ad dollars and we get a giant game of memory with KFC menu items. It’s pretty interesting to watch with a few grenades thrown in for fun. Sindy With An S uncovers an “elimination” card almost certainly ensuring her exit this week. And fast forward to Godfrey winning. Though the most shocking part might have been the fact that he eats. the. chicken. bones. Like, eats them. Not eats the meat off of them, but the actual bones. Is that safe? (Paging Dr Conner!)

Godfrey obviously takes himself off the block, because he’s not stupid. But because he does have a GIANT ego, he goes out of his way to make threats against Quarterback Zach going forward. Then again Sindy With An S didn’t do herself any favours by spechifying to the house and telling them all they should get Fun Bobby out.


Big Brother: Why build a bridge when you can burn one down and poison the river?