BBCAN3 – The Final Twistos Twist



If I was being paid to advertise for Twistos I might make a comparison that there are two sides to the Big Brother Canada Twistos Twist!

But they’re not.

So what I will say is that there are good and bad aspects of every Twistos Twist! they’re throwing at the house this year. We can all agree it’s made for some very interesting television, which ultimately is the show’s main objective. But I for one am glad they’re done.

The final Twistos Twist! played out over all three episodes of the week, so I’m going to sum them up together. When we last visited the BBCAN house it was on Triple Eviction night, a game first. Kevin and Willow had just been sent packing and the next HOH was up for grabs. That competition would be shown later and because BB Production is not the only one who can throw us for a loop it was airing for half of the country on a massive delay because the PGA Players’ Championship went into extra innings (or whatever the golf term for that is… tee offs?)

For those of us who panicked and rigged out DVRs to record it we were treated to a real spectacle. The backyard of the BB house was turned into a medieval torture chamber complete with Boss Britt in sexy chain mail and actual fires. My hat off to Production once more for their fantastic (if twisted) minds. Each HG got to choose their poison: being burned at the stake, put in the stocks or the rack. And because nothing is ever easy it stepped up a notch with the rack vibrating and the stocks spinning while balancing a silver ball. It went for a few hours but Ashleigh was the one able to hold on the longest just barely beating Papa Bruno. A move he will replay in his head for years to come I’m sure.

Ashleigh didn’t have to do much thinking before deciding she wanted Stoner Sarah gone and nominated her alongside Godfrey. No real surprise there.

But Twistos Twist! We all knew that there would be two people nominated by the country to be Have-Nots for the week. The HGs were told that Canada picked Stoner Sarah & Boss Britt for that particular punishment. The girls did not take it well, and I can’t say I blame them. I’m not sure how long it was between hearing that news and having BB reveal the second Twistos Twist, but I can imagine however long it was would have been hell.

Put yourself in their shoes for a moment. You’ve been away from your family, locked in a house with strangers you don’t particularly like, constantly surrounded by paranoia and competition. And the whole time there are cameras watching your every move. Bloggers blogging about you. And while you want to win the money, you also want to make sure you’re coming off well. You don’t want to embarrass yourself or your family. On the extreme side of the scale some of them are fame-hungry and want to have “fans”, but on the regular non-narcissist side everyone wants to be liked. So to then be told that the whole country has seen you and decided you should be punished? And more specifically Brittnee who’s openly talked about how terribly she was bullied growing up. I can only imagine that is devastating to one’s ego.

The week moves on and we see the HGs competing for the Power of Veto in a competition sponsored by Ramada. They have to take cities and pin them on a giant map of Canada. Sounds easy, right? Well… not so much for some of them. On the show tonight we learned that Ashleigh is not so great with geography. As in wasn’t sure that Toronto was in Ontario and thought the capital of Calgary was Edmonton. And Quarterback Zach had to stop the conversation because he was worried she was being recorded and she still needed to be able to find a job when the show was over.


Depending on how many answers they got right they were given rubber balls that they dropped into a Plinko-like board to spell out Ramada. Godfrey was perfectly happy to throw it until he learned that they were getting Ramada membership points and he started hauling ass. I really don’t understand his priorities. Anyway, it came down to Zach vs. Sarah and somehow Sarah pulled it off. And while she was happy to save herself knew that it would mean Brittnee would replace her and likely go home.


Just as the girls are crying on the floor of the Have Not room suddenly… dun dun dun… the floor opens up! And from it rises a safe. They’re sent on a mission around the house to do mental math to find a code to a screen in the Vault. The first one to win gets the Super Power!

And Boss Britt smashes it. Big Brother tells her what the Super Power is, that during the live show she can take one or both of the people off the block and she gets to nominate replacements. However, if she tells anyone at all she will be instantly evicted.

So Sarah knows something is up, but has no idea what it is or if it’s going to save Brittnee. At least they both know that Canada doesn’t hate them, which was a giant relief. Props to Boss Britt for keeping up the charade and making Papa Bruno come and comfort her while she faked sobbing on the floor.

While Sarah continues to campaign her little butt off Britt is going around the house trying to figure out where everyone stands. It’s pretty clear that they’re all about to vote her out (so they think). Though in a great moment Peely Pilar actually points out that they should be nice to her because there could always be another twist.

Oh, Peels. There is.

The look of shock on her face was PRICELESS during tonight’s live show. Arisa revealed to the HGs that Brittnee had a Super Power and exactly what it was. Brittnee decided to save herself, and Godfrey as well. He was in complete shock and I don’t think he’s ever been so happy in the house as in that moment. Finally getting a chance to call someone else a pawn Boss Britt then put up Quarterback Zach & Papa Bruno. Both of whom looked like they had no idea what was even happening.

Earlier in the week they had been in the hot tub together and Bruno said “The triple eviction was the best thing for our game.”  Oh, Bruno. You thought so, didn’t you. And now you’re just like Willow. In a unanimous vote Papa Bruno was evicted. And upon seeing his wife in the crowd he began to cry and didn’t stop.

Which brings me to the two sides of the twists. On the one hand I love that Big Brother Canada keeps the HGs from getting complacent. They never know if this is the week their entire game goes to shit. It forces a lot of diagonal thinking on their part, and overall makes it a much more interesting mental game. But it also has a tendency to be more beneficial for the players who are taking things a week at a time. The ones who play a subtle long-term game, like Kevin or Bruno, who take their time to build a framework before going in for the kill, definitely suffer. I never thought both of them would end up in the Jury House this soon. And if it wasn’t for all the Twistos Twists they likely could have made it to the end.

I can honestly say I have no idea what is going to happen going forward. But at this point of the people left standing in the house the only two who’ve played hard enough to end up in those chairs are Boss Britt and Quarterback Zach.

Let’s see if this prediction holds longer than my last…