#BBCAN3 ep 26 – The Final Final Twist (No Really… We Mean It This Time)


Big Brother Canada ends next week. So if you were watching last night and did some quick math you might have realized that they were going to need to throw out another Twist, Twistos sponsored or not. And so, even though they said the last Twistos Twist! was the final twist of the season we ended up with another one. Double eviction night! Again!

In Round 1 we have Quarterback Zach vs. Peely Pilar.

You have to give the guy credit, Zach put in work this week. He tried every single angle he could to stay in the house. And his arguments were really good! It almost made up for his belaboured poopy diaper speeches. First he tried the Ashleigh angle, then he tried the Brittnee angle. Neither budged. Although for both of them it really would have made sense to secure a last minute deal for either of them to get any number of competitors out (cough… Sarah).

And so, after a week of Sarah stressing out and Pili… um… eating cereal? Quarterback Zach left the game.

Let the Double Eviction begin!

The next HOH comp was a speed maze and with Sarah sitting this one out it could have been the end of her game right then and there. But as she always seems to do under pressure Boss Britt came up with a win. Obviously she nominated Sarah and Godfrey. Just kidding! She thought it would be better to get out those fluffy kittens Pili & Ash. Cause they’re super threatening.

Clad in spandex they went on to a Power of Veto pit stop that required filling of a jug with liquid to get out a ball by using a dolly. Ashleigh won and immediately took herself off the block. Which meant that Boss Britt could nominate Godfrey secure in the knowledge that even if Ash tried to save Pilar she would be the one to break the tie and send her home. And that’s exactly how that played out.

So of all the things that happened quickly in the house last night none of them were a shock.

What was a shock? Jury House. We got to see a glimpse of the new arrivals and how things are going for the ones who’ve been there for a few weeks already. When Papa Bruno showed up the Jury House was flabbergasted. All of them thought that he would likely be in the final two. I believe I might have even said that at some point. Those Twists will get you every time!

Going in Bruno knew that he was still playing a game. He could choose what to tell the rest of the house and help sway the votes in the end. He explained the Britt twist and how he ended up getting the boot. And then he told Willow what she had been dying to know since Triple Eviction night… just who was the final vote that got her out? It was (as we know) Sarah. Her makeout buddy turned confidant. Willow collapsed into tears. Heartbroken.

Which brings me to the real issue of the night… Jury. Yes, Sarah was safe during the live show because Boss Britt won. And there are still four people in the house. But, if Sarah can make it to the final two will she be able to get enough votes to win? I have my doubts. That’s the one piece of the puzzle that often times people don’t think about until it’s too late. And even more crucially, with four people left in the house if you get into a position of power do you keep your friends or do you keep the people you have a better shot at winning against?

It is just a game…