#BBCAN3 ep 24 – Hell, Heroes & Jalapenos


All I want to do is talk about the Mad Men finale. And gossip about the Mad Men finale. And gush about the Mad Men finale. I want to speculate about what would have happened if we saw them in the 70s. And that kiss. THAT KISS! But instead I’m going to talk about Big Brother Canada, Sunday’s other thing that happened that most of you won’t watch until later. (sidenote: if you’d rather talk Mad Men, specifically Stan’s ass in those jeans, hit me up on twitter @katarnett)

Suffice it to say that the tables have indeed turned, as they have a tendency of doing in this game….

When we last left the HGs they were about to compete for Head of Household by laying in plexiglass boxes surrounded by flames in “100 Minutes of Hell”. In short, they had to guess when 100 minutes had passed and then hit a buzzer, closest to the time wins. But of course it couldn’t be simple, why would it ever be simple when it can be excruciating?

The “hell” they were subjected to included fake smoke, a mashup of Greg Graig’s most annoying catch phrases (which drove everyone nuts), strobe lights and a creepy clown, piped in voice recordings of messages from their loved ones, cold water filling up the box they were in and finally… worms. Shot through a tube at their head. Alive. Crawling all over their hair and into their skimpy silver outfits. I can’t believe anyone kept calm through live insects, but they did. And a few rounds of them to boot.

In the end it came down to Godfrey vs. Stoner Sarah. And after making a quick deal Sarah came out victorious. Because Godfrey doesn’t seem to have any sort of self-preservation instinct whatsoever. Even when he’s on the block about to be evicted he doesn’t try to win safety. How on earth has he gotten this far?

So, as I said, with Sarah (and by default Boss Britt) in charge of the house once more the tables turned on Quarterback Zach, Peely Pilar & Ashleigh once more. Of course ZaSh are the first two she wants to nominate for eviction. Why wouldn’t she? The math is on her side. But in true HOH Ego Cloud fashion Boss Britt and Stoner Sarah seem to have forgotten how close they’ve both been to eviction, and how easily they could be again. Instead the two have started planning what they’ll wear to the finale. For those interested both are saving dresses they haven’t worn yet, purple and silver respectively.

Meanwhile in Quarterback-land things are not so rosy. It’s finally starting to click for Zach that being a human shield for two girls (who frankly are more loyal to each other than him) is a perilous position to be in. From this point out if he has any hope of staying he will have to win every competition. In the meantime he has a week in the Have Not room with Boss Britt to hopefully do some bonding. So it looks bad for the moment, but don’t count out the possibility for a late fourth quarter comeback.

In other things that happened tonight news we have a sponsored competition. Eat pizza blindfolded & guess the toppings and you win a special prize as well as $500 from Pizza Pizza. Who? Yeah, I had to Google that myself. It’s a pizza chain in Southern Ontario. But what if the HGs who won aren’t from Ontario, you ask? Just chalk it up to that special Toronto phenomenon of forgetting there is a whole country that exists beyond the lake district.

Fortunately the “special prize” was pretty special. As winners both Godfrey and Ashleigh were given two minutes alone in the backyard with their sister & mother. Godfrey’s sister revealed that she was pregnant and he would be an uncle again, and finally we got to see a tiny sliver of the person he might be outside of the 24/7 camera life. Lest the rest be left out they each got a letter from home. As always with this group of HGs there was a lot of crying. Seriously, if there were any more crying this season I’d start to think they were being sponsored by Kleenex.

And that is where we leave it for the evening… the last remaining Showmance is on the block and we’re all out of Twistos Twists. See you same time same place tomorrow night to see if they can manage to win the Power of Veto…