Doctor Who Season 8 Finale (Finally) – The Experiment Ends

New Doctor Who costume

We all knew it had to end sometime.  In my case the end came ten days late.  Mostly because I was busy doing other things and just couldn’t get around to mustering up the right mood to watch it.  So the Doctor sat on my DVR for a while.  I did watch the entire seventh season (so far) of Sons of Anarchy.  But I hate endings.  I still have the season one finale of Remedy and the series finale of the Office to watch.  What can I say, I hate goodbyes.

That said, I did sit down to my last Doctor’s appointment this week, here’s how that went… Continue reading “Doctor Who Season 8 Finale (Finally) – The Experiment Ends”

Doctor Who and the Race to Save Mankind From Themselves and Others

New Doctor Who costume

Turns out my DVR gets a bit temperamental when it’s being overworked. And then it refuses to record Doctor Who for you. So you have to figure out when the Space Channel is actually going to re-air the episode you missed all the while it keeps telling you “recording space is low” but when you go to watch the Daily Show it will only play one minute and then withhold the other 29 as some sort of punishment. I digress. The point is I’ve finally been able to see the last two episodes of Doctor Who before this weekend’s finale.  Shall we begin?  Okay then. Continue reading “Doctor Who and the Race to Save Mankind From Themselves and Others”

Doctor Who and the Dali Dilemma

New Doctor Who costume

Welcome back to Who’s On First Mondays… or rather, Who’s On Eventually because I was making ossobuco and was busy until now.  This week I’m sure we will find the Doctor in some sort of mischief and Clara doing something to try and help and/or lying to her boyfriend about the ambiguity of their relationship.  But that’s just a guess.  The ossobuco is in the oven so let’s see how right I am, shall we? Continue reading “Doctor Who and the Dali Dilemma”

Doctor Who: Dark Side of the Moon

New Doctor Who costumeIt may come as a shock to all the Whos in Whovianville but my Saturday nights are not a rush to see the latest episode.  And my Sundays are usually filled by catching up with international news and watching sports.  So we find ourselves on a Monday afternoon with the doctor, and considering the phobias that were lived out this week I’m glad I watched it in the light of day.  I was passed along some feedback this week saying that someone out there really likes reading my Doctor Who experiment articles.  I had been fairly certain that outside of the one person I know who reads them (hi Rob!) I was shouting into space.  Apparently I’m not.  So thank you to anyone who’s still sticking around on this bumpy ride and listening to my random ramblings!  I promise to never use the right term for the Doctor’s space wand.

On with the show!… Continue reading “Doctor Who: Dark Side of the Moon”

Doctor Who and the Case of Dramatic Irony

New Doctor Who costumeThe last week has seen me sidetracked with a big project and thus totally neglecting my self-appointed duties as Awesome Friday’s TV correspondent.  I promise there will be full analysis of the Fall TV Premieres to come… just as soon as I sit in front of my DVR and mainline them.  In spite of my distraction the Doctor would not be ignored, at least not after Sunday Football was through.  This must be how Clara feels.  Now if only I had her hair. Continue reading “Doctor Who and the Case of Dramatic Irony”

Doctor Who: The Intergalactic Job

New Doctor Who costumeFull disclosure… I was beyond tired when I started watching this week’s Who.  In fact so much so that I had to pause and go back to it the next day.  But I trucked through this week’s episode of madness and eventually got to the other side.  Or back around to the start.  I’m not great with time travel metaphors.  Here’s how it went… Continue reading “Doctor Who: The Intergalactic Job”

Doctor Who and the Nightmarish First Date

New Doctor Who costumeAfter a very busy week it was time to settle down with the fever dream that is Doctor Who once more and record my reactions.  If you’ve missed out on the journey so far catch up with…

Let’s see what the Doctor has in store for us this week… Continue reading “Doctor Who and the Nightmarish First Date”

Doctor Who: Men In Tights

New Doctor Who costume

Well, it’s time for my weekly Doctor appointment.  If you’ve been following along this season I’m new to Who and have stayed away from googling answers to all my many questions in the effort of keeping to my original experiment.  Also, I don’t have time to fall down the T.A.R.D.I.S. hole.

Previous instalments of this series – Doctor Who Does What? In the Where? Or is it When? & Doctor Who Episode 2: Robotic Bugaboo

Allons-y! Continue reading “Doctor Who: Men In Tights”

Doctor Who Does What? In The Where? Or Is It When?

New Doctor Who costume

I’ve always assumed I was a nerd, but lately I’ve been finding out that might not be the case.  I don’t mean “nerd” in a bad way or even “nerd” in the now we’re cool let’s put it on a t-shirt way.  More in the “Ooh, that’s a bit more curious than most people would be and hey are these books sorted by literary period?” kind of way.  There doesn’t seem to be a Broad-Spectrum-of-Interests-in-a-Variety-of-Things Con.  Likely because it would make a terrible acronym. Continue reading “Doctor Who Does What? In The Where? Or Is It When?”

Doctor Who Christmas Special Trailer: Come And Get It

The Time of the Doctor

We just had The Day of the Doctor and this Christmas will bring us The Time of the Doctor. The upcoming Christmas Special episode of Doctor Who should be a big one for a bunch of reasons but let’s watch the new trailer before we talk about it.

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Review: The Day Of The Doctor – The 50th Anniversary Special


The Third Conditional in English is the impossible “what if?”. All the other conditional forms deal either with present truths or future ideas, plans and dreams of what may come. They are the ones that are still soft and malleable, ready to change on a dime as the present hurtles into the future. But the Third,  it stands alone and stony in the past, a constant reminder of all the stupid decisions you’ve made, every ripple of the butterfly effect shaping the puzzlebox hotch-potch that you are today. The Third is impossible in that, no matter the reason or motivation, you can never change what has gone before; all you can do is dream of what you would have done instead. If + Past Perfect + would have + Past Participle is the very structure of regret.

But base emotions like regret are just for mere humans. Impossible is nothing for a Time Lord. What might he possibly have to regret?

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Watch: The Night of the Doctor, a Short Prelude to The Day of the Doctor

Doctor Who

The Day of the Doctor is rapidly approaching. The 50th anniversary episode of the Doctor Who promises to explain a whole lot about the Doctor, his nature, and his involvement in the Time War. Now BBC has released a short film titled “Night of the Doctor” as a prelude. Let’s watch!

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