Fantasia Review: ‘Perdida’ is a satisfying thriller

There’s a lot I wish I could tell you about Perdida, but it’s one of those thrillers full of twists and turns, and almost everything I actually want to tell you is probably a spoiler. What I can tell you is the following.

Eric, a man in crisis, meets Fabiana, a waitress serving him whiskeys all night. Eric is obviously going through something. He ends up blackout drunk and passed out on her couch. After awkwardly running out, he returns to apologize, and they begin a torrid affair.

Fabiana joins him at his luxurious, remote, house and over the course of several days, she comes to enjoy the new man in her life and the comforts of his home. However, it quickly becomes apparent that something isn’t quite right. Something is definitely off between the weird groans coming from the pipes to the police officers that show up looking for Eric’s wife, Carolina.

It probably sounds like I am spoiling the movie, but rest assured that this is only a brief outline of the film’s first half-hour.

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Each of the three leads is good, but Cristina Rodlo as Fabiana steals the show. Fabiana is naive and trusting and also sexual and assertive, and she manages to sell all of that seamlessly. Paulina Davila also puts in good work as Carolina, realising that her marriage isn’t all she wanted. The problem that both of these women have is that Eric is an asshole.

For most of the film, while most things are not quite like they seem, one thing does remain true: Eric is an asshole. José María De Tavira seems to be having a blast playing him, which really shines through as well.

Perdida will likely draw comparisons to Hitchcock, Fincher, and Bong Joon-ho, and those comparisons are rightly deserved. The story will keep you on your toes, the framing and architecture are both gorgeous, and the cast is magnetic. What more could you ask for?


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