Doctor Who Christmas Special Trailer: Come And Get It

The Time of the Doctor

We just had _The Day of the Doctor_ and this Christmas will bring us _The Time of the Doctor_. The upcoming Christmas Special episode of Doctor Who should be a big one for a bunch of reasons but let’s watch the new trailer before we talk about it.

So it seems that the Doctor is to face off against an alliance of bad guys. Daleks, The Silence, Cybermen, and Weeping Angels are all there. Who knows who else? This trailer and the previous few episodes of the series have all talked up Trenzalore, the place where The Doctor is buried, but I’m dubious the planet they are on actually is Tranzalore. I mean, we’re going to see Matt Smith regenerate into Peter Capaldi in this episode right? There’s a whole other series to go.

Still, this episode looks action packed so it should be fun to watch regardless of what actually goes down.

We’ll find out Christmas Day!