Doctor Who and the Case of Dramatic Irony

New Doctor Who costumeThe last week has seen me sidetracked with a big project and thus totally neglecting my self-appointed duties as Awesome Friday’s TV correspondent.  I promise there will be full analysis of the Fall TV Premieres to come… just as soon as I sit in front of my DVR and mainline them.  In spite of my distraction the Doctor would not be ignored, at least not after Sunday Football was through.  This must be how Clara feels.  Now if only I had her hair.

  • And here we open on yet another instance of Clara & the Doctor chained to something. No subliminal messaging going on there.
  • “We’re gonna die here.” Well no, Clara, probably not. You are a main character and it’s not near the end of the season yet.
  • Fun friendship montage! Adventures in space time dating!
  • Snap door openers are much cooler than the Clapper. Remember the Clapper? With it’s jingle that will never ever leave your head.
  • Wait… if the Doctor didn’t want to see her why did he park the T.A.R.D.I.S. in her flat? Of all the gin joints in all the space and time…
  • Love the teal jacket, darling.
  • TWIST!
  • Does that staff room have red carpeting? Rather bold choice for a school, no?
  • I definitely think I’ve seen Clara in that blouse before, which would make her wardrobe the most realistic part of this show.
  • Look! It’s Johnny Five….OH MY GOD LASER DEATH ROBOT
  • Time for a rom-com moment: pay no attention to Clara’s not even remotely subtle walk through the daffodils as she eavesdrops on the conversation between her boyfriend and her… Doctor? Mentor? Ex-boyfriend when he had a different face? It’s important because neither knows the other exists.
  • But seriously, why even wear a bow-tie that small?
  • Good thing the students are considerate enough to do their graffiti in whiteboard pen.
  • Speaking of janitorial duties, what’s with the weird trench coat? Is that a British thing? Our custodian wore jeans and a Harley Davidson tee shirt most of the time.
  • He whistled Pink Floyd! He whistled Pink Floyd! You can take the Capaldi out of the punk band…
  • Why do they only call them Squaddies in England, anyway?
  • Very James Bond.
  • Let’s pause here for a little lesson, shall we? This friends is the proper description of irony. Dramatic irony to be specific. You may remember learning about it in school when your teacher was talking about Shakespeare. Though, probably not seeing as everyone seems to use the Alanis Morissette definition of the word these days. I digress… dramatic irony is when the audience knows more than the characters giving them more insight (and generally some laughs) about the situation. Take notes and then feel free to correct people in the future when they mean coincidence. 
  • Uh oh, Mr. Pink. Maybe it’s not the best idea to keep touching those things.
  • Well, I guess the T.A.R.D.I.S. is out of the bag.
  • Clara: Fabulous hair. Shit liar.
  • Hypothetical question, if you’re dating someone and they say “I love you” and you don’t say it back are you getting on their rocket ship to change the subject or to placate them?
  • And now we’re going to get into a fight about the Class system. To be fair this probably plays a lot better in the UK.
  • The school doesn’t have any grass. Seems a bit sad.
  • Mr. Pink comes through with a daring display of gymnastics. Sure, why not. Every Math teacher can probably do that.
  • The Doctor looks very much like a Ghostbuster at the moment.
  • Chris Addison is heaven’s secretary! This is amazing. So many The Thick of It jokes.
  • Her again? Ugh.

Join us next week when we… go to the moon?

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