Let’s Take a Closer Look at the #SnyderCut trailer (with 70+ high-res captures)

Note: due to the number of images in this post, it has been broken up into FOUR pages. You will find navigation buttons at the bottom of each page.

The picture of Pa Kent falling into the goop is an effective one here. That image of Dianna grasping for her sword in slow motion is exactly the same as it is in the theatrical version, at least it will be if the flash happens by and pushes it into her hand.

Also, one character I’d really like to know more about? Cyborg. There was a lot of backstory teased in the early trailers for Justice League that we never go to see in the finished movie, and I want to see it now. This new version if supposed to be four hours long so I imagine that I will get my wish.

This scene of Aquaman controlling the water was also in the theatrical version. Here’s a pretty good shot of the quin-dent, too.

The Flash saving someone from some chaos. Not sure what point of the movie this will be, but check the bare feet. Maybe this is pre-costume?

Bruce Wayne in his winter gear is a good look. I can’t quite tell if Batman is shooting a blast here, or deflecting one.

Also, it seems like the part of the story where Lois turns out to be the key to bringing back Superman the good guy will remain intact in this version as it was in the theatrical version. That’s a good thing, I think.

This is our first good look at Superman in his black suit. True story, I love the moment in Man of Steel here he gathers his power like that first shot in order to fly and seeing it again here is a nice call back.

My question here is that these images and some later ones imply a longer sequence of Superman as a bad guy after they resurrect him. But is he bowing here to some? Or just gathering his strength? My instinct says the latter, but what do you guys think?

Also, the black suit is pretty cool. Sure, the previous movies were so desaturated that the suit was basically grey, but black is better than grey.

Cyborg flying fast. Away from someone / something?

Steppenwolf ripping his way into Batman’s bat-spider-tank.

Batman standing on a different tank surveying the surroundings. I wonder what point this will be in the movie, and how many bat mobiles we’re going to see.