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Oh Hey, there are ‘Mission: Impossible – Fallout’ character posters!

Posted by Matthew on July 09, 2018
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Mission: Impossible - Fallout

Yes, I am very late to the party on these but they’re cool and it’s the movie I am most hyped for this year so that is excuse enough to post them this late in the game.

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Quick Reviews: ‘Shaun the Sheep’ and ‘The Man from U.N.C.L.E.’

Posted by Matthew on August 16, 2015
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Shaun the Sheep / The Man From U.N.C.L.E.

I saw two movies this weekend! And I’m actually writing about them! Huzzah!

Shaun the Sheep

Would you like to have a delightful time at the movies? Then you should totally see Shaun the Sheep. In 90 minutes of beautifully stop-motion animation by Aardman –the folks behind Wallace and Gromit (among other things)– Shaun the clever sheep leads a flock of sheep on an adventure to the big city. It’s funny, sweet, and emotional and despite having no dialogue manages to have a pretty menacing villain, a pretty great central story, and a delightful musical number in the middle.

Sure, it’s a kids movie, but it’s a great kids movie and you should totally see it.

The Man From U.N.C.L.E.

Would you like to be bored at the movies? Really? Why would you want that? To each their own I suppose. In that case you should totally check out The Man From U.N.C.L.E., Guy Ritchie’s update of the 1960s TV show. It’s not outright bad but it’s all style and no substance. Shallow is the word and since the main characters never feel like they’re in any real danger it’s hard to get excited during otherwise fairly well executed action sequences.

Henry Cavill and Armie Hammer don’t really have that much in the way of chemistry which is a problem too. Cavill in particular didn’t really work for me. Hos character is supposed to be cool as ice and aloof but many of his one-liners fell flat for me since he came off so detached. Hugh Grant is in it too but he’s famous enough that when he shows up in a seemingly innocuous role it’s easy to predict what’s going to happen next. His best one liner is spoiled in the damn trailer, and then at the end when they finally form U.N.C.L.E. he just says it and the screen goes black. It’s annoying because this movie really felt like it could have been a lot better but as is it’s just a sloppily handled bore.

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‘Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice’ Gets Awesome IMAX Posters

Posted by Matthew on April 20, 2015
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Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice

No, seriously, these posters are actually pretty awesome.

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Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice Trailer is … Something

Posted by Matthew on April 19, 2015
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Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice

In the wake of the leak WB released the new trailer for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and now that you can see everything that’s going on its not any better at all.

Let’s watch!

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Warner Brothers’ 2020 Vision – Harry Potter & LEGO Trilogies and a Justice League Ten Pack

Posted by Katherine on October 15, 2014
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Warner Bros. had a lot to say at their Time Warner investors meeting today, and most of it was “YOU WANT MOVIES? I’LL SHOW YOU MOVIES!”  CEO Kevin Tsujihara gave us a timeline of what Warner Bros. will be working on over the next 6 years.  Buckle up (and maybe submit a resume), because it’s one hell of a breakneck pace they’re working with.  One that’s not going to leave much room for error, and I would assume means we won’t be seeing Ben Affleck direct movies for a little while.  And that isn’t the only thing we won’t be seeing. Continue reading…

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Review: Man of Steel

Posted by Matthew on June 14, 2013
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Man of Steel

I feel like somewhere here there was a great movie waiting to happen. That’s not to immediately say that Man of Steel is bad, but I do very much feel that it could have been quite a bit better than it is. There are a lot of things to like here but the film is hampered by its writing, both in terms of dialogue and pacing.

Should you see it? Yeah, it’s fucking gorgeous to watch. Will you enjoy it? I’m not really sure, and here’s why.

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Man of Steel Trailer Gives Me A Nerdgasm

Posted by Matthew on April 16, 2013
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Man of Steel

Wow, between Star Trek and this it’s turned out to be a pretty damn good day for us nerds.

So let me be the millionth person to say this: this looks like it might be really fucking good. Everything from the tone to the scope of the plot to the performances to the look of things, this looks like it might be really fucking good and I hope that it is.

Second, I kind of feel sorry for Zack Snyder if it does because while he’s made a couple of crap movies but he’s also made a couple of good movies and if this turns out to be good people are going to say “well that’s because Nolan was involved”. Now, Nolan being involved certainly couldn’t hurt, but he also didn’t direct or style this.

Third, I mean just look at it. It looks gorgeous.

What do you guys think??

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