‘Deadpool’ Movie Announced for 2016; Will Be Hilarious Once


Ok folks you asked for it: _Deadpool_ is getting his own movie. I have mixed feelings about this.

Why you ask? Because if it’s not done right the joke will get old really quickly or, worse, just suck entirely.

A few weeks back some test footage –shot years ago– was released to the web and a lot of people lost their minds. Rightly so too; the footage is fun and funny and engaging (you can watch it below).

So basically what this hinges on is the film being rated R but that probably won’t happen. Studios want to make money and PG-13 movies make all the money but put limits on how violence is depicted and foul language. Deadpool’s entire schtick is over the top graphic violence and foul language soooo….. yeah. I dunno guys, I’m not entirely hopeful.

No official word on whether Ryan Reynolds will be reprising his role as the merc with a mouth. Seems likely though since he’s been talking about it for years (and did perform in the test footage) but a deal is yet to be reached. Either way _Deadpool_ will be in theatres 12 Feb 2016.

(source: [THR](www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/x-men-spinoff-deadpool-gets-734172))