Let’s Take a Closer Look at the #SnyderCut trailer (with 70+ high-res captures)

We are fast approaching the date when the Zack Snyder’s Justice League will be a legitimate thing in the world, we’ll have a four hour movie to watch, and baat-fans the world over will gloat at how awesome it is even if it isn’t. What a time to be alive!

Today we’re going to take a closer look at the new trailer for the Snyder Cut, and we’re going to do it with nearly 80 high res frame captures.

Note: due to the number of images in this post, it has been broken up into FOUR pages. You will find navigation buttons at the bottom of each page.

First of all, here’s the trailer again for those of you haven’t seen it. Why is it presented in 4:3 instead of the currently normal 16:9/16:10? That’s a great question, team. I don’t know the answer.

My first impression is that I’n actually interested in how much this looks like the theatrical version. I get the feeling that this movie is going to be one we end up studying in the long term because there are going to be two radically different versions of the story crafted from (a lot of) the same material.

Let’s jump right in.

Here it is, the death of Superman from the end of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, a title I legitimately still can’t believe they actually went with. It’s a dramatic shot, with a gaping chest wound from Doomsday’s bone spike, but also with energy radiating from the man of steel’s mouth. The VoiceOver is also from the end of Batman v Superman: Lex Luthor proclaiming that “the bell has been rung”, that whatever is out there in the cosmos somehow knows that Superman is dead. I didn’t really expect them to go with a literalization of that, but Zack Snyder is not exactly the most subtle of filmmakers.

Here’s that energy wave emanating out into the world, and through the Metropolis skyline. That skyline image would be gorgeous if I could see more of the skyline.

This appears to be Hippolyta (Wonder Woman’s mom, queen of Themyscira) looking over the coastal cliffs of paradise island as the vault where they were keeping the Mother Box falls into the sea.

This coincides with the end of Luthor’s voice over, that god is dead.

“I had a dream…” says Ben Affleck’s Batman in his gruffest voice ever. Let me just go back on record and say that I still think that Ben Affleck was an inspired choice for Bruce Wayne and I wish he was making more appearances as the character.

Anyway, this is a shot of the “Knightmare” sequence we have already seen from Batman v Superman, which I don’t recall being in Justice League, but maybe my memory is fuzzy? There’s also a lot more going on in this image, the original prominently featuring the omega symbol favoured by Darkseid.

“…almost like a premonition…” continues Batman over a scene of Wonder Woman finding a temple dedicated to Darkseid. We already know that the forces of good in the DCEU fought against the armies of Apokolips, which yes is totally the name of the place Darkseid is from, so it would make sense that there’d be some people who idolized him instead of the good guys because that’s a pretty basic story device.

In the first frame Dianna is holding an arrow of some kind. I am not 100% sure what it is, but in the fresco Darkseid seems to be holding an arrow or a spear, too, so it’s likely plot important.

Also, the depiction of the three mother boxes in unity on Darkseid’s chest in the fresco is actually pretty cool. I dig it.

Here’s our first look at Darkseid and two of his minions. Notice the upturned omega on Darkseid’s chest.

The minion on the left is DeSaad, who in the comics serves as torturer in chief for Darkseid. I’m not 100% convinced of this because I can’t quite place who it is myself, but segments of the internet are convinced that the minion on the right is Granny Goodness, who trains the armies of Apokolips.

Look, comics are weird, people. Batman’s narration continues with “there is an attack coming.”

Here we see Steppenwolf, notorious bank robber and minion of Darkseid, presumably receiving his orders to head to earth and recover the mother boxes. I gotta say, it’s a bold choice for him to go with a strapless gown for the occasion, but I bet he feels sexy and powerful so good for him.

This scene of Steppenwolf chasing and attacking amazons is straight out of the theatrical release, but the character design of Steppenwolf himself is quite a bit different. This whole sequence looks like it might be mostly unchanged?

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