Home Video: The 2024 Canadian Screen Award Nominees and Where to Buy, Rent, or Stream Them

It’s nearly time again for the Canadian Screen Awards, which will take place from May 28th to 31st, 2024. This year’s crop of nominees represents stellar Canadian filmmaking.

Last year saw some changes in the acting categories. Last year, they were made gender-neutral (and the number of nominees increased to eight). This year, they have been separated into awards for comedy and drama, still with eight nominees each. The awards for Best Adapted and Best Original Screenplays, Best Director, and the John Dunning Award for Best First Feature have all been expanded to allow up to six nominees as well.

The big story this year is, of course, BlackBerry, which garnered 17 nominations -shattering the previous record, but there are a ton of great films nominated this year and many of them are available to watch.

So, without further ado, here are 37 films nominated across the major categories and where you can buy, rent, or stream them!

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Better Days

After Kate’s husband dies, she withdraws into a world of vodka and grief – and Halloween costumes. When she befriends three lonely teenagers, her friends and family are appalled, yet she is discovering the woman she might become.

  • Best Hair – Mykola Korolyov
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Billie Blue (Coeur De Slush)

Sixteen-year-old Billie works as a water park lifeguard with her two best friends, but her summer turns upside down when she falls for a charming cyclist.

  • Best Adapted Screenplay – Sarah-Maude Beauschesne
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The story of the meteoric rise and catastrophic demise of the world’s first smartphone.

  • Best Motion Picture
  • Best Direction – Matt Johnson
  • Best Lead Performance in a Comedy Film – Jay Baruchel
  • Best Supporting Performance in a Comedy Film – Glenn Howerton
  • Best Supporting Performance in a Comedy Film – Matt Johnson
  • Best Adapted Screenplay – Matt Johnson and Matthew Miller
  • Best Art Direction/Production Design – Adam Belanger, Kerry Noonan, and Lucy Larkin
  • Best Cinematography – Jared Raab
  • Best Costume Design – Hanna Puley
  • Best Editing – Curt Lobb
  • Best Sound Editing – Matthew Chan, Gabe Knox, Michelle Irving, Lucas Prokaziuk, Stefan Fraticelli, and Jason Charbonneau
  • Best Sound Mixing – Matthew Chan, Bret Killoran, Nathan Street, Paul Lynch, Randy Wilson, Ron Mellegers and Justin Helle
  • Best Original Score – Jay McCarrol
  • Best Makeup – Ashley Vieira, Erin Sweeney, and Thea Samuels
  • Best Hair – Dylan Twigg and Philippe Bertrand-Hudon
  • Best Visual Effects – Tristan Zerafa, Lou Gatti, Matthew Nayman, and Mike Boers
  • Best Casting in a Film – Pam Dixon, Jenny Lewis, and Sara Kay
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A teenage girl’s wilderness hike with friends spirals after they stumble upon a crashed drug plane, forcing her to outwit a ruthless gang and face an enemy far worse than drug smugglers.

  • Best Original Score – Steph Copeland
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Cold Road

On a frozen highway in the remote Canadian North, an Indigenous woman and her dog are hunted by a stranger in a semi truck.

  • Best Sound Mixing – Brent Planiden and Chris Ferguson
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The Dishwasher (Le Plongeur)

Montreal (in Canada), winter 2002. Stéphane, a 19-year-old metal fan and graphic design student, dreams of becoming an illustrator. But for months he has been caught up in a downward spiral: he is addicted to gambling. Debt-ridden, without an apartment, avoiding his friends to whom he owes money, Stéphane takes a job as a dishwasher in a diner to get by. He discovers the fast-paced life of a restaurant as the holidays approach and its crowd of characters.

  • Best Supporting Performance in a Drama Film – Charles-Aubey Houde
  • Best Adapted Screenplay – Éric K. Boulianne and Francis Leclerc
  • Best Editing – Isabelle Malenfant
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Fitting in

A teen girl is diagnosed with a reproductive condition that upends her plans to have a sex life, propelling her to explore unusual methods. Her relationships are challenged with everyone in her life, but most importantly, herself.

  • Best Art Direction/Production Design – Thea Hollatz
  • Best Casting in a Film – Jason Knight and John Buchan
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Hands That Bind

A hired hand plans to eventually take over his boss farm are shattered when the landowners son returns to claim his birthright.

  • Best Cinematography – Mike McLaughlin
  • Best Sound Editing – John Blerot
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Hey, Viktor!

Twenty-five long years after his time in the limelight, former child actor Cody Lightning tries to revive his fortunes with a self-produced sequel to Smoke Signals in this smart, irreverent new comedy.

  • Best Lead Performance in a Comedy Film – Cody Lightning
  • Best Supporting Performance in a Comedy Film – Hannah Cheesman
  • Best Original Screenplay – Cody Lightning and Samuel Miller
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Humanist Vampire Seeking Consenting Suicidal Person (Vampire Humaniste Cherche Suicidaire Consentant)

A young woman vampire is unable to kill to meet her need for blood, but may have found a solution in a young man with suicidal tendencies.

  • Best Motion Picture
  • Best Direction – Ariane Louis-Seize
  • Best Lead Performance in a Comedy Film – Félix-Antoine Bénard
  • Best Lead Performance in a Comedy Film – Sara Montpetit
  • Best Supporting Performance in a Comedy Film – Steve Laplante
  • Best Supporting Performance in a Comedy Film – Noémie O’Farrell
  • Best Original Screenplay – Ariane Louis-Seize and Christine Doyon
  • John Dunning Best First Feature – Ariane Louis-Seize
  • Best Art Direction/Production Design – Ludovic Dufresne
  • Best Costume Design – Kelly-Anne Bonieux
  • Best Editing – Stéphane Lafleur
  • Best Casting in a Film – Tania Arana
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The Hyperborean

A seasoned crisis manager navigates a dysfunctional family and their faltering whiskey company through a PR disaster involving triple homicide, Arctic ice mummies, and intergalactic moonshine.

  • Best Makeup – Katie Ballantyne, Jonathan Craig, and Karlee Morse
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In Flames

After the death of the family patriarch, a mother and daughter’s precarious existence is ripped apart. They must find strength in each other if they are to survive the malevolent forces that threaten to engulf them.

  • John Dunning Best First Feature – Zarrar Kahn
  • Best Visual Effects – Jeff Bruneel, James Miligan, Tamara Young, Nick Winger, and Adam Graves
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Infinity Pool

While staying at an isolated island resort, James and Em are enjoying a perfect vacation of pristine beaches, exceptional staff, and soaking up the sun. But guided by the seductive and mysterious Gabi, they venture outside the resort grounds and find themselves in a culture filled with violence, hedonism, and untold horror. A tragic accident leaves them facing a zero tolerance policy for crime: either you’ll be executed, or, if you’re rich enough to afford it, you can watch yourself die instead.

  • Best Motion Picture
  • Best Direction – Brandon Cronenberg
  • Best Lead Performance in a Drama Film – Mia Goth
  • Best Lead Performance in a Drama Film – Alexander Skarsgård
  • Best Original Screenplay – Brandon Cronenberg
  • Best Cinematography – Karim Hussain
  • Best Editing – James Vandewater
  • Best Sound Editing – Alex Bullick, Jill Purdy, Rob Bertola, and Craig MacLellan
  • Best Makeup – Dan Martin, Traci Loader and Svetlana Gutic
  • Best Visual Effects – Andy Robinson
  • Best Casting in a Film – Mark Bennett and Deirdre Bowen
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In the early 70s, after leaving their troubled hometown in Haiti, a young boy and his mother settle in a small rural village in Quebec where the boy counts on his invisible friend to understand the new world around him.

  • Best Direction – Henri Pardo
  • Best Lead Performance in a Drama Film – Rayan Dieudonné
  • Best Supporting Performance in a Drama Film – Martin Dubreuil
  • John Dunning Best First Feature – Henri Pardo
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The King Tide

After the mayor of an idyllic island village discovers a child with mysterious powers awash on their shores, the once peaceful community devolves into civil war, torn over the belief that the child is the next saviour.

  • Best Supporting Performance in a Drama Film – Frances Fisher
  • Best Supporting Performance in a Drama Film – Aden Young
  • Best Visual Effects – Adam Graves
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Montreal Girls

An aspiring young Middle-Eastern poet moves to Montreal for medical school and is forever changed by the city and the young women who reveal him to his destiny.

  • Best Cinematography – Alexandre Bussière
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Mother of All Shows

In order for Liza to cope with the impending death of her estranged mother, she retreats to a 70’s variety show in her mind where the all-powerful host is her own mother, Rosa, who leads a cast of people from Liza’s past and present.

  • Best Original Song – “Mothers and Daughters, Daughters and Moms”, Melissa D’Agostino, David Brock and Rebecca Everett
  • Best Hair – Rikki Zucker
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The Nature of Love (Simple Comme Sylvain)

Sophia’s life is turned upside down when she meets Sylvain. She comes from a wealthy family, while Sylvain comes from a family of manual workers. Sophia questions her own values after abandoning herself to her great romantic impulses.

  • Best Lead Performance in a Comedy Film – Magalie Lépine-Blondeau
  • Best Original Screenplay – Monia Chokri
  • Best Cinematography – André Turpin
  • Best Editing – Pauline Gaillard
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North of Normal

After being raised in the wilderness, a teenage girl moves to the city hoping for a normal life with her anything but normal mother.

  • Best Adapted Screenplay – Alexandra Weir
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One Summer (Le Tempes D’un Été)

For more than 25 years, Marc Côté, street chaplain and parish priest, has lived with the poor and the homeless. Today, Marc is a worn-out man. Exhausted from running his church, which serves as a shelter, and overwhelmed by the bills they can no longer pay, Marc must face the facts: he will have to shut down his church. Like a call from Providence, he inherits a property in the Bas-du-Fleuve region and decides to take a group of homeless people with him, who, like himself, need a vacation.

  • Best Supporting Performance in a Comedy Film – Marc-André Leclair
  • Best Supporting Performance in a Comedy Film – Guy Nadon
  • Best Hair – Nermin Grbic and Carole Bertini
  • Best Visual Effects – Marie-Claude Lafontaine, JF (Jafaz) Ferland and Simon Beaupré
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ORAH, a Nigerian immigrant taxi driver in Toronto, agrees to launder dirty money for her boss in exchange for bringing her son over from Nigeria. When the plan goes horribly wrong, Orah takes matters into her own hands to settle the score.

  • Best Lead Performance in a Drama Film – Oyin Oladejo
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Paw Patrol: The Mighty Movie

A magical meteor crash lands in Adventure City and gives the PAW Patrol pups superpowers, transforming them into The Mighty Pups

  • Best Sound Editing – J.R. Fountain
  • Best Sound Mixing – Bernard Gariépy Strobl and J.R. Fountain
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In 2144, a young girl raised by a polar bear chases her destiny after escaping capture by brutal warriors intent on killing her mother.

  • Best Makeup – Karlee Morse and Mary Cuffe
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The Queen of My Dreams

Against the backdrop of a shared obsession with Bollywood fantasy, Mariam, a Pakistani Muslim woman, and her Canadian-born daughter Azra come of age in two different eras.

  • Best Lead Performance in a Drama Film – Amrit Kaur
  • Best Adapted Screenplay – Mawzia Mirza
  • Best Art Direction/Production Design – Michael Pierson
  • Best Original Score – Alysha Brilla
  • Best Original Song – “Ishq Ki Na Koi Bhi Hud Hai”, Qurram Hussain
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Queen Tut

A young Egyptian man moves to Toronto and becomes a part of the LBGTQ2S+ community.

  • Best Lead Performance in a Comedy Film – Alexandra Billings
  • Best Original Score – Suad Bushnaq
  • Best Original Song – “I Won’t Break”, Kamel Bushnaq, Ashley Jane and Suad Bushnaq
  • Best Original Song – “Chez Habibi (Kul Illi Batmannah)”, Suad Bushnaq and Omar El-Deeb
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Red Rooms (Les Chambres Rouges)

A model becomes obsessed with a high-profile murder trial.

  • Best Motion Picture
  • Best Direction – Pascal Plante
  • Best Lead Performance in a Drama Film – Juliette Gariépy
  • Best Supporting Performance in a Drama Film – Laurie Babin
  • Best Original Screenplay – Pascal Plante
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After a bad breakup, Ariane moves home and gets a job as an interpreter for seasonal migrant workers. Witnessing workplace abuses, Ariane must decide how far she is willing to go to speak out against injustice.

  • Best Motion Picture
  • Best Lead Performance in a Drama Film – Ariane Castellanos
  • Best Supporting Performance in a Drama Film – Nelson Coronado
  • John Dunning Best First Feature – Pier-Philippe Chevigny
  • Best Cinematography – Gabriel Bault-Tardif
  • Best Casting in a Film – Ariane Castellanos and Victor Tremblay-Blouin
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Based on the Governor General’s Award-winning novel by Kim Thúy, Ru is the story of the arduous journey of a wealthy family fleeing from Vietnam, before landing in Quebec.

  • Best Supporting Performance in a Drama Film – Chantal Thuy
  • Best Adapted Screenplay – Jacques Davidts
  • Best Art Direction/Production Design Marie Hélène Lavoie
  • Best Cinematography – Jean François Lord
  • Best Costume Design – Rosalie Clermont
  • Best Sound Editing – Pierre-Jules Audet, Marie-Miel Lacasse Hévey, Monique Vézina, and Natalie Fleurant
  • Best Sound Mixing – Hans Laitres, Guillaume Daoust, Maxime Vermette, Daniel Bisson, and Mathieu Maillé
  • Best Makeup – Dominique T. Hasbani
  • Best Hair – Vincent Dufault
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A Japanese-Canadian woman grapples with the death of her mother as she brings her family to a retreat. When her relationship with her husband begins to affect the children’s emotional security, the family is changed forever.

  • Best Costume Design Athena Theny
  • Best Hair – Isabelle Paganine
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In Nunavut, four girls who like horror and alien movies, love their phones and even their poor elders who believe in shapeshifters because “they didn’t have the internet” realize local disappearances are linked to a shapeshifting alien.

  • Best Supporting Performance in a Drama Film – Alexis Vincent-Wolfe
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Emerging Montreal drag queen Simon must deal with two impossible loves: a passionate, yet destructive affair with Oliver and a cold relationship with his mother, who’s just returned after a 15-year absence.

  • Best Motion Picture
  • Best Direction – Sophie Dupuis
  • Best Lead Performance in a Drama Film – Théodore Pellerin
  • Best Cinematography – Mathieu Laverdière
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Something You Said Last Night

An aspiring twentysomething writer hesitantly accompanies her equally reluctant younger sister on vacation with their deliriously happy parents, in Luis De Filippis’ resonant, cliché-free debut feature.

  • John Dunning Best First Feature – Luis De Filippis
  • Best Costume Design – Mara Zigler
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When her only daughter goes off to university, an empty nest mother gets stuck taking care of her daughter’s heart-broken ex-boyfriend, who she can’t stand.

  • Best Supporting Performance in a Comedy Film – Charlie Gillespie
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Through the Night (Quitter La Nuit)

One night, a woman in danger calls the police. Anna takes the call. A man is arrested. Weeks go by, the courts are looking for evidence, Aly, Anna and Dary have to deal with the echoes of that night they can’t shake off.

  • Best Original Screenplay – Delphine Girard
  • John Dunning Best First Feature – Delphine Girard
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Who’s Yer Father

Follows a small-town private investigator as he investigates the sale of black market lobster in Prince Edward Island along with a scrappy convenience store owner.

  • Best Lead Performance in a Comedy Film – Susane Kent
  • Best Lead Performance in a Comedy Film – Chris Locke
  • Best Makeup – Fatima Hoque
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The Young Arsonists

Set amongst the sparse landscape of an isolated farming community, 5 adolescent girls band together to escape their desolate lives. By reclaiming an abandoned farmhouse as their own, they form an intense and obsessive bond that leads them to a dark place where their innermost fears and desires destroy their only safe place.

  • Best Sound Mixing – Tyler Bogaert, Ian Rankin, and Will Stephens
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Zombie Town

Amy and Mike unearth a centuries-old curse when they decide to watch an exclusive film reel. The duo must track down an infamous filmmaker and navigate a town of hungry zombies to save the world.

  • Best Original Score – Ryan Shore
  • Best Original Song – “Zombie Hideout”, Lawrence Gowan
  • Best Makeup – Erin Pidgeon
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