Let’s Take a Closer Look at ‘The Mandalorian’ Season 2 trailer (With 50+ HD Captures)

The trailer for the second season of everyone’s favourite bounty hunter turned hero The Mandalorian (but not Boba Fest) was released yesterday. However you feel about the show, there is no denying that it looks amazing, so let’s take a closer look.

Note, due to the number of images in this post, it has been broken up into 3 pages. You will find navigation buttons at the bottom of each page.

Our first glimpse at the Razor Crest looks like it has seen better days. Note the bay door dangling open, and the sparks coming off the starboard engine, and the uneven power levels of the engines. Is this a flashback, or do they hit some rough skies in season 2?

Our first look at our intrepid heroes. I love this shot. The dramatic lighting, the silhouettes in the background, everything.

I might love this shot more though, with the lights and towers in the background.

These two shots leave me a bit cold, if I am honest about it. sure, the Tuscan Raider looks awesome on top of that bantha, but my great want is for Star Wars to move away from familiar territory and these shots have them headed back to Tatooine and (presumably) Hoth. New places, please.

Ok, The Child is adorable though. Is this a blatant riff on Lone Wolf and Cub? Sure, but Star Wars made its bones ripping off westerns and samurai movies, and if you’re going to rip something off you best rip off a good thing.

Seriously though, look at that punim.

By the look of this seaport and all the Quarren around, it looks like our dynamic duo are taking a trip to Mon Cala this season. It’s a reference, but we haven’t seen it in person before so I’ll take it.[1]

[1]: video games don’t count!

In which space step-dad makes eye contact with a mysterious stranger. I can’t make out who this is. It’s definitely not Ahsoka Tano, and I doesn’t look like Ming-Na Wen / Fennec Shand to me, but distance and makeup can do a lot. Who do you think it is?

Now you see them, now you don’t. This is filmmaking shorthand for “this person is a stealthy badass”.