Let’s Take a Closer Look at ‘The Mandalorian’ Season 2 trailer (With 50+ HD Captures)

Honestly not sure if Space Step-Dad is stringing this guy up or cutting him down. Looks like the latter, but it’s a quick shot. Either way, one more for all the background detail.

So is this Hoth, or what? I mean, it might not be, but also the main character in this show is accurately described as not-Boba Fett, so even if it’s not Hoth it’s Hoth, right?

Hard not to love shots like this. Reminders that physics actually mean something in Star Wars are always welcome to me. Also they’re just gorgeous.

“Wherever I go, he goes”. That’s a pretty good trailer line, but also have these guys never watch a Star War before? I feel like trying to ambush a Mandalorian is a bad idea at this point. Still, I love the practical effects on display here. I am wondering if this is Tatooine because the guys the ring look like Jabba’s guards.

Also, seriously, look at all the background detail. It would be so easy for them to cheap out on this kind of stuff and I am so glad they aren’t.

I am not going to lie to you, the first time I watched this trailer I laughed out loud at The Child sealing itself into its bassinet after seeing the Whistling Birds deploy.

The trailer cuts to black here and after a lot of fight noises, it comes back just in time for us to see Space Step-Dad put a knife in a guys chest. Like you do. He also then hurries out of frame which makes me wonder if someone managed to slip away with The Child during the ruckus.

And that’s the trailer folks. I like the new title treatment with both Space Step-Dad and The Child in the “A” in the middle. I also think this trailer is incredibly well-produced and that the show appears to still be really exquisitely executed from a production design standpoint.

I liked the first season of The Mandalorian but I felt like it, along with a lot of new Star Wars, leaned way too heavily on existing lore and iconography. I really hope that they take some bigger risks with the story and characters in season two, and show us some things we haven’t seen before.

The Mandalorian Season 2 will be released on Disney+ on October 30th, reminding us all that we do indeed still have Disney+ subscriptions.

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