‘Game of Thrones’ season 7 trailer: The Great War is Here

6 years of waiting are over. The great families of Westeros are finally going to war. Let’s take a look!

Remember way back in season one when they knocked Tyrion out and then cut to right after the battle had been fought? Or when they had like 30 guys outside the wall for the Battle of Blackwater? This trailer, with it’s _massive fucking dragon_ flying over _thousands of soldiers on horseback_, makes me wish they’d pull George Lucas on this shit and go back and re-shoot parts of those early years with the same budget they have now.

The great thing about this show is that now we have three big factions headed to a massive clash and honestly, who knows who is going to make it out alive. George R. R. Martin has made a habit of subverting expectations when it comes to his characters, repeatedly killing protagonists and antagonists alike, not to mention the little people. Will Arya get her revenge? Will anyone join Jon to fight the walkers? Will any of the Lannisters make it through?

I don’t even want to speculate. I just want to watch the trailer a few dozen more times and then begin waiting for July 17th to roll around.