Need for Speed Super Bowl Teaser + Extended TV Spot: Fast Cars Go Fast

Need for Speed

We haven’t talked much about _Need for Speed_ here but it’s coming up fast (SEE WHAT I DID THERE) and today there are two new looks at the film. One short teaser and one slightly longer. Let’s watch!

The Teaser:

This certainly does a good job of letting us know that fast cars are in the movie and they go fast the whole time. This bodes well.

The Extended Look With An Intro from Aaron Paul:

There’s not much to go on here (except that Michael Keaton is also in the movie, a good thing) but honestly? I can’t quite tell if it looks fun. I really hope it is and all the talk that surrounds it right now is about how they did as much practical effects with the cars (including teaching Aaron Paul to be a stunt driver basically) appeals to me. I really hope this is a case of a fun movie with an non-engaging trailer.

Need for Speed is out 14th May.