The Amazing Spider-Man ‘Enemies Unite’ Trailer: This Movie Is A Villain Convention

The Amazing Spider-Man

Here’s a new Amazing Spider-Man trailer debuted today featuring all the villains. Well, Electro and then also some brief shots of Goblin and Rhino.

So Electro is the main villain, Norman Osborne is the mysterious man behind all the villainy, that much seems clear. How much are Rhino and Green Goblin going to figure into this? Also, if the rule is that the more villains you have the worse your superhero movie will be then how is this movie going to fare with _four_?

Good thing I don’t put much stock in that rule.

Also, is Gwen Stacey going to die? I feel like she might have to.

Also also, I really don’t like that last joke. Or the first one, really.

So yeah, it looks like it’ll look good but I’m not sold on this at all. I guess we’ll find out on 2nd May.