Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special “The Day of the Doctor” Trailer

Doctor Who

The Day of the Doctor is rapidly approaching and here’s a new trailer to get you psyched up! Let’s watch!

What I’m gathering from this that Doctors 10 and 11 are facing off against John Hurt’s unnumbered doctor? Matt Smith has some knowledge of what’s going on but David Tennant does not? Rose is there, but is with John Hurt? Maybe as an echo in his mind?

There’s just enough going on in this trailer that I’m pretty excited to see it. It’ll also be nice to see David Tennant back, not because I think he was better than Matt Smith (I personally hold them in equal esteem) but because I think it’ll be fun to see their doctors interact.

The Day of the Doctor is the 23rd of November around the world, BBC is broadcasting it at the same time everywhere so the time will very depending where you are.