Review: The Day Of The Doctor – The 50th Anniversary Special


The Third Conditional in English is the impossible “what if?”. All the other conditional forms deal either with present truths or future ideas, plans and dreams of what may come. They are the ones that are still soft and malleable, ready to change on a dime as the present hurtles into the future. But the Third, ┬áit stands alone and stony in the past, a constant reminder of all the stupid decisions you’ve made, every ripple of the butterfly effect shaping the puzzlebox hotch-potch that you are today. The Third is impossible in that, no matter the reason or motivation, you can never change what has gone before; all you can do is dream of what you would have done instead. If + Past Perfect + would have + Past Participle is the very structure of regret.

But base emotions like regret are just for mere humans. Impossible is nothing for a Time Lord. What might he possibly have to regret?

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Watch: The Night of the Doctor, a Short Prelude to The Day of the Doctor

Doctor Who

The Day of the Doctor is rapidly approaching. The 50th anniversary episode of the Doctor Who promises to explain a whole lot about the Doctor, his nature, and his involvement in the Time War. Now BBC has released a short film titled “Night of the Doctor” as a prelude. Let’s watch!

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Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Episode Poster

Doctor Who

There’s a new poster for the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Episode, now titled “The Day of the Doctor” which will see Matt Smith’s 11th Doctor working with David Tennants 10th Doctor and John Hurts as yet un-numbered “Dark Doctor”, wo was revealed at the end of the last series.

Let’s take a look!

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