Awesome: PBS Ideas Channel: How Is Seeing Ender’s Game Political Action?

Ender's Game

In the lead up to the release of Ender’s Game I, like many people, struggled with whether to see it or not. I ended up going because I had a free ticket, but many people don’t have that luxury.

There are many reasons to want to and to not want to see the movie, discussions I’ve had at length with friends and colleagues over the last few months. [PBS Ideas Channel]( has now condensed the argument into one nice succinct video.

Be sure to click [through to the description as well](, there are a lot of good links to source material and further discussion.

> The science fiction novel “Ender’s Game” has been a part of the sci-fi canon for the past 30+ years and with it’s huge new blockbuster movie release, it’s bigger than ever. But its author, Orson Scott Card, has inspired more debate than the novel itself. Card has been labeled homophobic, racist, and a handful of other distasteful things, and the opinions held by Card have created a TON of anger and opposition. But now that “Ender’s Game” has been made into a movie, this leads to a big question: should you see it? Does buying a ticket to a film equal an endorsement of the creator’s ideas? OR should you join the bandwagon of boycotts against the film? Should you avoid it based on your moral beliefs? Watch the episode to find out more!

So yeah. Lots to think about.

By the way if you’re not watching Ideas Channel you really ought to be. They do good work every week.