Podcast: I.S.S. & The Taste of Things

Greetings programs!  We’re back after a week away and talking about the new outer space set thriller I.S.S. and then catching up with France’s official submission for the Best International Feature Oscar, The Taste of Things.  Our opinions are both the same and different about both of these movies, and one of them garnered a pretty specific reaction from Matthew. 

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This week for your bonus episode, Simon and I talk first about films from our childhood that don’t really hold up despite the nostalgia we may have attached to them, and then move on to films that are missing from our personal canon that may otherwise be embarrassing to admit.  All Patreon supporters get access to all bonus episodes, and support starts at just $2 CAD per month.   We’d love it if you consider joining. 

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Matthew’s Rating
Rating: 3/5
Simon’s Rating
Rating: 2/5

The Taste of Things

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Matthew’s Rating
Rating: lol
Simon’s Rating
Rating: 2/5

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