American Hustle Character Posters: Bad Hair Never Looked So Good

American Hustle

American Hustle looks like it might be another smash hit from director David O. Russell, he of _Silver Linings Playbook_ and _The Fighter_ fame. You’ve already [seen a trailer for the abscam thriller]( and now you can get a closer look at the characters.

[MovieFone debuted the posters](

American Hustle - Amy Adams

American Hustle - Bradley Cooper

American Hustle - Christian Bale

American Hustle - Jennifer Lawrence

American Hustle - Jeremy Renner

The 1970s were a weird time when fashion was clearly in a “so bad it’s good” phase. Just look at Jennifer Lawrence’s updo! And how gorgeous Amy Adams is! And look at Christian Bale’s gut! And Bradley Cooper’s perm! And how gorgeous Amy Adams is! And Jeremy Renner’s 70’s wide tie! And how gorgeous Amy Adams is!

American Hustle is set to come out Christmas Day.