Watch This Stop-Motion Transformers Battle And Forget About Michael Bay



If you’re of a certain age, the modern *Transformers* films leave a very bitter taste in the mouth. Michael Bay’s re-imagining of the classic characters has robots with ridiculous racial stereotypes, body designs that are far too busy to be memorable, and fights that largely leave you confused and disorientated.

Well, filmmaker Harris Loureiro has spent the best part of a year making a film with his Optimus Prime and Constructicons fighting the way we always imagined as we threw our fantastically colourful and chunky toys across the playground. Watch!

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Review: Transformers: Age of Extinction Is Bad

Transformers: Age of Extinction

There’s going to be a vocal contingent that argues that _Age of Extinction_ is the best Transformers movie. It isn’t. It’s not the worst (here’s looking at you _Revenge of The Fallen_) but it’s really not the best either. That whole discussion is kind of ridiculous though because when you stop and think you’ll realize that you’re arguing which f these terrible movies is the least terrible. If you think that’s _Age of Extinction more power to you because the movie does fix a few of the problems that the previous three had but it also introduces a bunch more problems to deal with.

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