Transformers: Age of Extinction Trailer + Viral Poster Are Getting My Hopes Up

Optimus Prime + Grimlock Transformers

Transformers 4 is happening and now there’s some marketing so we can get a sense of whether the people selling it are any good at sales. They kinda are. Let’s watch.

I like this trailer. I love the idea of transformers in hiding and Mark Wahlberg stumbling onto Optimus and reviving him. I love the idea of people vs. transformers (at least until worse transformers show uo), and I love the fact that the fucking camera appears to be stationary or at least stabilized during all the shots, and that what little action you can see you can actually fucking see.

Also, Mark Wahlberg is kind of the perfect choice for this because he’s both sincere and excited like a kid would be to find a transformer and let’s be honest, regardless of your opinions of him, that’s not something Shia really ever pulled off.

And the viral marketing has started too. Head over to where you’ll be greeted with this poster and an option to sign up to fight. What do you guys think?

Transformers Age of Extinction

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