Gaze Upon The New Optimis Prime And Despair

Transformers 4

Empire Magazine’s latest issue has Optimis Prime on the cover alongside Marky Mark and two other people. Let’s take a look.

Transformers Empire Magazien

Soooooooo that’s a new look alright. I think it’s better, there’s not a brazillion little pieces everywhere and his face is, you know, actually visible.

I still have no hope the movie is going to be any good but at least it might look better than the previous efforts. Maybe. Hopefully.


(source: empire)

4 Replies to “Gaze Upon The New Optimis Prime And Despair”

  1. What the hell is wrong with Marky Mark’s eyebrows? Has he ben through Klingon make-up? Also, Optimus looks shite, but I’m past being surprised.

    1. Eh, I think it’s better than before. The previous design had so many pieces it was hard to focus on and his head was so small you could barely see it except in close up. This doesn’t really look like the Optimis we grew up with however at least it looks like I’ll know where to look when he’s talking.

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