Podcast: Fantasia Film Festival 2023!

Greetings programs!  This week, we dive head first into the 2023 Fantasia Film Festival.  We’ve each seen a number of films, and we’re going to talk about a number of them, including Hundreds of Beavers, Birth/Rebirth, Satan Wants You, A Disturbance in the Force, With Love and a Major Organ, Aporia, Sympathy for the Devil, and River.

Join us!

Bonus Content

This week’s supporter bonus conversation involves which live-action films we’d like to see remade with animation, and then we dive into Westerns. Support starts at just CAD $2/month, and all levels of support get access.  Listen to that here!

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Hundreds of Beavers


A Disturbance in the Force

Satan Wants You

With Love and a Major Organ


Sympathy for the Devil


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