Something for the Weekend: ‘Mission: Impossible’ 5 movie collection is $30 on iTunes!

There’s a hell of a deal on the Canadian iTunes store right now: All five Mission: Impossible films for $30.

Five movies fo thirty bucks is already a great deal, but 4 great movies and one good one for thirty bucks is a steal. The regular price of this collection is $60, which is still a great deal, but half off is a hard one to ignore.

So head on over to the iTunes Store to snag it while you can, and if you’re so inclined you could use this handy iTunes Store link to do so and help me keep the lights on around here.

Awesome: Every Tom Cruise Run Ever

Tom Cruise Running

If there’s one thing Tom Cruise is famous for it’s being a dedicated and generous performer who will put his body on the line to make sure that you, the moviegoers, are entertained. If there are two things he is famous for they are that and that he’s a high-ranking member of what is widely considered to be a cult. If there are three things, they’re all and running in the movies. So here’s video of every Tom Cruise Run ever, which is probably the best way to get ready for Mission: Impossible – Fallout this coming weekend.

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‘American Made’ Trailer, in which Tom Cruise acts

Here’s a quick fact for you: Tom Cruise is 54 years old. I am pretty sure that he has a Lazarus Pit stashed away somewhere. Here’s another fact: when he’s not doing an endless string of action films, Tom Cruise is a pretty good actor. He’s got a new movie coming out this fall that may or may not remind us of that. Let’s take a look.

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Edge Of Tomorrow Is The Best Sci-Fi In Years And You Can Own It Today

EoT Mix

I’m not one to blindly promote products just for the sake of information, so a Blu-Ray release doesn’t usually inspire me to comment. However, when that film is Edge Of Tomorrow, and there’s a chance you may have dismissed it at the cinema on account of the worst marketing campaign in recent memory, then I have to try and change your mind. For it’s not just Tom Cruise’s best film in years, it’s also one of the finest slices of sci-fi escapism you’ll ever watch.

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This Week Behind The Scenes: Sept 1 – 5

@simonpegg - It's 106 miles to Chicago, we got a full tank of gas, half a pack of cigarettes, it's dark & we're wearing sunglasses
@simonpegg – It’s 106 miles to Chicago, we got a full tank of gas, half a pack of cigarettes, it’s dark & we’re wearing sunglasses

This week from around the web, a little peek at what’s going on with some of your favourite shows and movies. ┬áMake sure to check out the extra adorable piglets making a guest appearance on Cougar Town.

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Review: Edge of Tomorrow

Edge of Tomorrow

This is one of those times that Hollywood confuses me. Here they’ve gone and made a fun, exciting, engaging, and intelligent sci-fi action movie and what little marketing its had has made it seem like something it’s really not: generic.

Yeah, you’re reading this right folks. Edge of Tomorrow is pretty great and you should totally see it.

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Something for the Weekend: Minority Report

Minority Report

Do you enjoy movies that play with time? That deal with predestination paradoxes? Or causal loops? Or Tom Cruise running just as fast as he can? The next movie that features all of these things, Edge of Tomorrow, comes out in two weeks time. In the mean time why not check out the last movie that dealt with all of these things: Minority Report.

It’s weird to think that Minority Report is 12 years old as it still completely holds up. It’s one of director Steven Spielberg’s best efforts of the 2000s, combining real thought-provoking ideas with action scenes that will remind you that’s he’s pretty much the best at this.

You’ll also get a solid performance from Tom Cruise, one of Colin Farrell’s big shows from his first big year, and veteran Max Von Sydow chew up the scenery like it was candy (just like he hopefully will in Star Wars next year.

All in all a great movie to take in this weekend. Grab your copy from one of these links and help us keep the lights on.

Thanks and have yourself a great weekend!

Edge of Tomorrow Trailer: Groundhog Day in a Future War Starring Tom Cruise.

Edge of Tomorrow

Edge of Tomorrow may be a fitting title for a guy who is basically living out a nightmare version of Groundhog Day, waking up after dying in combat only to be forced to relive that combat over and over again. I, hover, preferred the original title All You Need is Kill.

Either way there is a trailer now so let’s take a look.

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Review: Oblivion


Do you ever read or watch science fiction? Have you ever had your mind blown at some plot twist or big reveal? Has a story ever made you think about things in this world in a new and different way?

Oblivion is a film that really wants to have this kind of impact on you but doesn’t. That’s not to say that it’s a bad movie just that while it is good, or rather pretty okay, it isn’t great.

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