Awesome: Every Tom Cruise Run Ever

If there’s one thing Tom Cruise is famous for it’s being a dedicated and generous performer who will put his body on the line to make sure that you, the moviegoers, are entertained. If there are two things he is famous for they are that and that he’s a high-ranking member of what is widely considered to be a cult. If there are three things, they’re all and running in the movies. So here’s video of every Tom Cruise Run ever, which is probably the best way to get ready for Mission: Impossible – Fallout this coming weekend.

This was put together by Burger Fiction and it totals up at nearly 19 minutes long. You can kind of see his form improving over time as well. If I’m honest, while the Mission: Impossible III running is the single longest run, the Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol is the best running in this. We’ll have to see if Mission: Impossible – Fallout tops it.