Review: The Amazing Spider-Man 2

The Amazing Spider-Man

I’ll give you a full review after the jump but let me take a moment right now to just give it to you straight: this movie is fucking awful and you shouldn’t see it. In fact I think it might be best if as few people as possible see it because if it doesn’t live up to Sony’s expectations then maybe we’ll be spared more of this crap.

The following review will contain some minor spoilers but you shouldn’t see this movie so it doesn’t matter.

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Infographic: Which Studio Has The Rights To Which Marvel Characters?

Marvel Rights

Here’s something for anyone who has ever asked “_Why don’t the Fantastic Four ever show up in a Spider-Man movie?_” Because different studios own the rights. The Geek Twins have now put together an info graphic to sett he record straight about who owns which. Hit the jump for a larger version.

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