Infographic: Which Studio Has The Rights To Which Marvel Characters?

Marvel Rights

Here’s something for anyone who has ever asked “_Why don’t the Fantastic Four ever show up in a Spider-Man movie?_” Because different studios own the rights. The Geek Twins have now put together an info graphic to sett he record straight about who owns which. Hit the jump for a larger version.

A few notes here: The weird overlap with Scarlett Witch and Quicksilver is gonna be on screens in the next two years. They’re part of Fox’s X-Men Universe but they are also Avengers, so in the Avengers they’ll have different parentage (i.e.: Not Magneto) and won’t be mutants.

I actually wasn’t aware that Universal owned the rights to Namor and am a little disappointed by it because Namor is a pretty big player in the Marvel Universe, would have been cool to see him show up in an Avengers movie.

Also, because you are probably asking “_what about [insert character here]?_”, if the main character is owned by the studio then so is the supporting character. So basically every character associated with Spider-Man is owned by Sony, for example.

For a more detailed list check out [The Geek Twins site](, and in the mean time click the image below for the bigger version.

Marvel Rights