Infographic: Which Studio Has The Rights To Which Marvel Characters?

Marvel Rights

Here’s something for anyone who has ever asked “Why don’t the Fantastic Four ever show up in a Spider-Man movie?” Because different studios own the rights. The Geek Twins have now put together an info graphic to sett he record straight about who owns which. Hit the jump for a larger version.

A few notes here: The weird overlap with Scarlett Witch and Quicksilver is gonna be on screens in the next two years. They’re part of Fox’s X-Men Universe but they are also Avengers, so in the Avengers they’ll have different parentage (i.e.: Not Magneto) and won’t be mutants.

I actually wasn’t aware that Universal owned the rights to Namor and am a little disappointed by it because Namor is a pretty big player in the Marvel Universe, would have been cool to see him show up in an Avengers movie.

Also, because you are probably asking “what about [insert character here]?“, if the main character is owned by the studio then so is the supporting character. So basically every character associated with Spider-Man is owned by Sony, for example.

For a more detailed list check out The Geek Twins site, and in the mean time click the image below for the bigger version.

Marvel Rights