WTF: Deleted Post-Credits Scene in Amazing Spider-Man 2 Would Have Made Norman Osborn Casting Make Sense At Least


Were you left wondering why Sony cast big name actor Chris Cooper as Norman Osborn and then only had him show up for one scene in one shitty movie? Wonder no more!

IGN has the scoop. Apparently there was a post credits scene which was dropped (in favour of the _X-Men: Days of Future Past_ tease perhaps?) which showed a cryogenically frozen Norman Osborn Head by the “mysterious” Mr. Fiers (I use quotes here because it’s all kind of bullshit, especially that name).

It seemed like Oscorp and Norman Osborn were going to have a more personal focus in the film than they did (remember how every trailer had a scene with Harry telling Peter he was under surveillance?) but that was cut out. Kind of like the “Peter’s Dad had a secret” thing that was cut out of the first movie.

Wait do they do any planning for these movies at all or do they just shoot as much as possible and then hope it comes together during editing? That would actually make a lot of sense.

Here’s a close up on the image above:


So there it is. Norman Osborn may return for movie 3. and/or 4, 5, 6, and whatever other movies they end up making.

And yes, I’m aware this constitutes spoilers for this movie and potentially others but I already told you that you shouldn’t watch this movie so I don’t think it matters. You can’t spoil _shit_.

(source: [IGN](