Did You Buy A Wii U This Year? You May Have Free Digital Deluxe eShop Credit Waiting For You

Just like I did.

Remember the promotion Nintendo ran at the beginning of the year, where (after buying a WiiU) any purchase from their eShop would earn you points? Well, if you have been happily buying the odd title for it, there’s a good chance you have some eShop credit waiting for you.

But you have to hurry a little.

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E3 2014 Schedule: LiveBlogs All The Way, Baby



The biggest event in gaming kicks off tomorrow when E3 2014 begins its week of hyperbole, broken promises and overbearing dubstep. Microsoft, EA, Ubisoft and Sony will be holding their conferences on the first day, and I’ll be liveblogging every single one of them! Take note of these times and get the kettle on.

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The Next Reality: Game Makers Design The Future


A few years ago – and I wish I could find the link, but you’re going to have to trust me – Cliff Bleszinski (formerly of Epic Games and designer of Gears Of War) said that The Next Big Thing would be usable Virtual Reality headsets. He was emphatic, but is also known to be so, leading to his claim being categorised with so many other wild predictions from  industry professionals.

Except now it doesn’t sound so wild.

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Simon’s Best Games And Movies Of The Year


It’s time to interrupt the endless barrage of Christmas calories

that I seem intent on shoving down my throat as quickly as possible

seriously, it’s like Gluttony Man in Se7en

but I don’t have my body tied down,

my arms are wilfully ladling anything alcoholic or sweet or tasty into my mouth

like it’s going out of fashion

to round up what I think have been my personal favourite games and movies of 2013.

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Great Moments Of The Generation: Wii Bowling Takes Over


The Nintendo Wii holds an unique honour in my gaming lifetime. It’s the only console I’ve ever sold – twice – while its been in the middle of its life. There’s has been no other console that has left me feeling so totally angry and ambivalent about its core mission and design. The lack of HD, the foggy motion controls, the dry spells between Mario and Zelda games filled with tumbleweeds; it was something that I just new I wouldn’t able to connect with. I bought two Wiis and sold them both, head shaking harder the second time for believing that there might have been some redeeming long-term feature I’d missed.

There wasn’t.

However, the Wii may not have had the longevity I required but it did have one thing that was unbeatable. So good, in fact, that it was the prime reason for my purchase each time I threw money at it. Because, as it turned out, there really ain’t  no party like a Wii Bowling party.

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I Wonder Where The Wonder Went


The first time I completed my all-time favourite game, Sega’s astounding Rez, it was on a semi-stolen projector. I mean, stolen is probably too strong a word, but it’s definitely safe to imply that I shouldn’t have had it hooked up in my games room instead of being tucked up safely in a dark recess of my work office.

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