Incoming: E3 2015!

It’s that time again.

E3. A time for broken promises and groaning wallets. Where multinational corporations pretend to be your best friend to convince you to argue their side in dark Internet comment boards. Where, suddenly, all the games you *have* pale in insignificance against all the games you now *want*. Sorry, *need*.

And I’m a total sucker for it. Even with all the increasingly obvious marketing speak and loud bombast of the presentations, there’s still no better (bigger?) way to see what you’ll be playing in a few months’ time. Or years. Just remember kids: Watch Dogs. Try to temper some of that enthusiasm. I’m such a hypocrite.

The Bethesda show is just about to start in thirty minutes (which will be glorious *Fallout 4* goodness and a hilarious re-announcement of *Dishonoured 2*), then the bulk of the big shows happen tomorrow with Nintendo continuing their option for a digital show on Tuesday morning. I’ll be liveblogging as many as I can – certainly the big three of Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo – and I’ll be doing wrap-up reports of each of the rest. Here’s the full schedule:


Sunday 14th June 2015

Bethesda – 7pm PT/3am BST


Monday 15th June 2015

Microsoft – 9:30am PT/5:30pm BST

EA – 1pm PT/9pm BST

Ubisoft – 3pm PT/11pm BST

Sony – 6pm PT/2am BST


Tuesday 16th June 2015

Nintendo – 9am PT/5pm BST


Join me for some healthy cynical enthusiasm!