Mario Kart 8 Has Incoming DLC And It’s Brilliant

Mario Kart 8

Because, if anyone’s going to show how to do DLC properly, it’s Nintendo. New Tracks! New characters! Yoshi colour variants…

To say I’m not a big fan of DLC would be a massive understatement. I disagree with it so strongly that I’ve actively avoided games that seem incomplete without it. In fact, the only piece of DLC I remember buying is a set of guns and vehicles for *Just Cause 2*, because that’s a funhouse I want stocked with anything shiny.

Well, I’m about to double this record. Nintendo, of all people, has announced two sets of DLC for the sublime *Mario Kart 8* – one released soon, one next July – that are all but essential. Each pack contains four new tracks, new karts, and a set of three themed riders – the first being from *The Legend Of Zelda*, the second *Animal Crossing*. Here’s a sample of how they look:


Sold. Each pack will be $7.99, or you can buy both together now for $11.99 – doing so will also net you a bunch of different coloured Yoshis and Shy Guys immediately. Good work, Nintendo. Keep it up!