Let’s Take A Closer Look at the ‘WandaVision’ trailer (With 60 HD Captures)

And then Wanda seems to rewind the world rather than answer the questions.

The colourization of the scene in real-time is a neat effect. I like that Bettany is still in his full makeup here, and I kind of love scenes like this one (and in Captain America: Civil War) where he just wears clothes like a human would.

This montage of TV styles from the 70s and 80s is fun. I particularly like the dancing and Kathryn Hahn in full 1980s fitness wardrobe.

That one scene where they are holding babies though, can’t help but wonder if she is going to manifest them some kids as well. That has a been a major plot point in the comics (not only Wanda and Vision having children, but Wanda manifesting them also).

Here’s Wanda in what appears to be a Halloween version of her 1980s and 90s comic book costume. From what I understand this series will tell the story of how she comes to get the name Scarlet Witch as well as why she hasn’t been called that to date in the MCU.

This scene of Vision floating up over the town to get a better look is, I’m guessing, the first time he’s starting to put together that something isn’t quite right in the world he’s living in.

This is another exchange that I love in this trailer.

“Am I dead?”

“No, why would you ask that?”

“Because you are.”

Kathryn Hahn is a great actress and has exactly the kind of energy you need to sell an exchange like that, combined with Bettany’s pitch-perfect “deer in a headlights” innocent look of bewilderment. I Love it.

This is a Halloween version of a 1990s comics accurate costume for vision. Between this, Wanda’s outfit in a previous pic, and the Halloween decorations in the image of Vision floating into the sky, pretty safe bet that Halloween is going to be involved somehow.

That’s right folks, I’m basically Sherlock Holmes.

Wanda altering reality. in the movies so far her powers have been that of telekinesis and telepathy, so I wonder if this will be her discovering her potential or if there is something else going on. Given the stories I think this will be based on, I am betting on the former.

This person is flying through the air and then bursting through a barrier of some kind, landing the grass and being surrounded by law enforcement of some kind. It looks to me like Wanda has created some kind pocket dimension for her and Vision to live in, and this person was an unwelcome intruder.

And who is this person? it is Teyonah Parris as Monica Rambeau. You may remember her as the daughter of Maria Rambeau, Carol Danvers best friend in 2019’s Captain Marvel.

In the comic books she is a superhero in her own right, with the ability to transform into and manipulate any form of energy in the electromagnetic spectrum. I wonder if her experiences with Wanda will end up imbuing her with those powers?

And here’s one last shot of the happy couple, living in their fantasy world.

My impression here is that this story is going to draw heavily, at least thematically, on the House of M storyline from the comics, in which Wanda creates a universe where everyone’s hearts desire is fulfilled. This creates a false world that only Wolverine can remember is false, and the fallout from the story is Wanda de-powering most of the world’s mutants.

Now, the MCU doesn’t have mutants and also doesn’t even acknowledge that Magneto is her father due to licensing so far, so who knows how exactly this is going to play out without a father figure for her to confront, but Marvel Studios story group are at their best when they are borrowing themes and ideas and re-mixing their own plots, so I am content to wait and see.

WandaVision is a 6 episode mini series, most likely self contained, and will lead directly into the events that will transpire in Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness, which is presently scheduled for a 2022 release.

I’m sure at least some of this information will change thanks to the ongoing worldwide plague, but hey, it’s nice to imagine a world where things have gone back to normal.

What do you all think? Are you excited for WandaVision?