Poster Gallery: The Mandalorian, Queenie & Slim, Little Women, and more!

Little Women, Richard Jewell, The Aeronauts, and Ford v Ferrari all have new posters this week but I know you’re only here for The Mandalorian.

Clint Eastwood’s new drama about the man who helped foil a bombing plot at the ’96 olympics only to be accused of being involved. This isn’t the best poster but it does an ok job of recreating the media circus.

Queenie & Slim has a stellar production team and cast, and these posters seem like they might be doing a pretty good job or evoking the feel of the film. I’m into it. Mark 27th November on your calendar, friends.

The Aeronauts looks like something that, like I’ve said before, doesn’t look good exactly but does look like something I will definitely give a chance. This poster is kinda boring though.

It has been an age since I read (or watch an adaption of) Little WOmen but it’s hard to not get excited about this upcoming version. Saoirse Ronan re-teams with director Greta Gerwing (who has also written the screenplay) along with Florence Pugh, Emma Watson, Eliza Scanlen, Timothee Chalamet, Laura Dern, and Meryl Streep. That’s a hell of a lineup and after Lady Bird you can be damned sure that Gerwig is one to watch.

Little Women is set for a Christmas Day release.

The racing scenes in Ford v Ferrari are fantastic and engaging and I think they’d look amazing on an IMAX screen. Also, this poster isn’t perfect but goddamn that’s a gorgeous car.

Ok, here they are folks. Six posters for The Mandalorian. One series poster and 5 character sheets. I am still really digging the western aesthetic. The series poster is easily the best of these, but which one do you like best? Let me know in the comments or on social media!