The first ‘Shazam!’ trailer is just delightful

Comic Con catch up continues with another film that looks like DC is figuring out that fun is a good thing.

**Shazam!** is a weird comic book but in kind the best way. 14-year-old Billy Batson says the magic word, _Shazam!_, and becomes an adult superhero, basically think Superman crossed with the greek god Zeus, and you have a pretty accurate picture. This movie looks like it’s leaning fully into the silliness of a 14-year-old mind controlling a superhero and I am here for it. This trailer is fun and funny, and while it doesn’t give us a great idea of the story, the first act montage of figuring the powers out looks great. I’m not 100% sure this is in continuity with the other DC films but I honestly hope that it is because it will eventually be pretty fun to see this character bouncing off the rest of the Justice League.

This is the second DC entry from comic con and the second one that looks bright and goofy and fun. The message seems pretty clear to me: the era of the Snyder aesthetic is over, the era of the bright and colourful is here. Are they moving more toward what Marvel is doing? Maybe! Is that a bad thing? Not entirely, but Marvel has made billions of dollars and DC wants a piece of that.

Shazam! arrives in theatres in April 2019 and we’ll be there opening day.