Stop What You’re Doing And Watch The Lego Movie Trailer

The Lego Movie

I was worried after the [first trailer]( that The Lego Movie might turn out to be just a toy commercial. This new trailer makes me think it might be a smart, funny toy commercial.

I’m loving this. First up, the voice cast is still pretty perfect. Chris Pratt as the hero? Morgan Freeman as the wizard? Will Arnett as Batman? _Gold_.

Second off, kudos for just running with everything that Lego has ever licensed. Makes me wonder who else we’re going to see other than DC superheroes, ninja turtles and so on.

Third off, it’s awesome they went with the straight up _chosen one_ angle here. Just an everyday normal guy who needs help rather than an everyday normal armor crafting martial arts expert astrophysicist historian multilingual superman we’ve seen over the last year or so.

Fourth off, it looks like they’ve opted to straight up parody the heros journey rather than just do a hero’s journey. _Awesome_.

Plus, I just like seeing Phil Lord and Chris Miller return to animation.

The Lego Movie is out on 14th February 2014.

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