Thor and Loki Character Posters from Thor: The Dark World

Thor: The Dark World

Promotion for _Thor: The Dark World_ is starting to ramp up as it’s out in the fall, and now we finally have some character posters and of course one of them is Loki. Heaven forbid we highlight the rest of the cast.

Thor: The Dark World - Thor

Thor: The Dark World - Loki

Am I the only one who isn’t really digging the aesthetic here? They kind of look covers from shitty paperback books to me. Also, where’s Jane Foster? Malekith? The Warriors Three? Sif? You know, anyone else?

Look I get this is going to be the Thor and Loki super fun redemption hour, but they aren’t the _only_ thing in the movie are they?

Thor: The Dark World releases on 8th November.

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