Let’s talk about the end of ‘Loki’


Loki, Marvel’s latest Disney+ television series, ended last night with several surprises, but perhaps the most surprising thing is that it was a season finale –cliffhanger and all– rather than the end of a self-contained series.

There are a few big revelations, so let’s talk about them, what they might mean, and a few thoughts I have on where things might go. Yes, this article will be riddled with spoilers (and assumes you’ve watched the series).

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Review: The first two episodes of ‘Loki’ set up an intriguing adventure


Tom Hiddleston is back as the god of mischief in Disney’s new limited series Loki, and he’s definitely up to no good. Or, maybe a little bit of good. It’s not really clear, but that’s half the fun. Loki has always been in it for himself, but now he has Owen Wilson to add some direction, and the results are good.

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Review: Thor Ragnarok

I really miss the sci-fi movies of my childhood. Big, colourful, often funny, always exhilarating; so much fuel for imaginary spaceship battles around my bedroom. I’m sure much of this comes from older eyes and wearier brains, but I find sci-fi these days to be too bland, too unwilling to risk shapes and ideas. The resurgence of *Star Wars* has taken big steps back to the fantasy side of sci-fi, and *Guardians Of The Galaxy* got close with its amazing ship design and snappy script, but I often felt myself seeking more of the *fun*.

Well, not any more. We’ve known for a while that *Thor Ragnarok* would be colourful and funny – director Taika Waititi’s *What We Do In The Shadows* is one of my all-time favourite comedies – but what I was not prepared for was *Ragnarok* having *so* much more. Far from being all-out comedy, it’s a meaty, gorgeous slice of sci-fi bliss.

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‘Crimson Peak’ Review: del Toro Delivers A Sensual Ghost Story

Crimson Peak / Tom Hiddleston / Mia Wasikowska

_Crimson Peak_ is billed as a scary movie but isn’t scary. It’s also billed as a ghost story but it’s actually just a story that happens to have ghosts in it. What it is is another entry in the Guillermo del Toro catalogue of movies with pitch perfect atmosphere, in this case dark, brooding, and sensual.

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Awesome: Tom HIddleston’s Email To Joss Whedon After Reading ‘The Avengers’ Script For The First Time

Joss Whedon / Tom Hiddleston

Everyone loved _The Avengers_ (1.5$ billion can’t be wrong) and everyone loves Tom Hiddleston as Loki in that movie. Turns out that Tom Hiddleston also really loves Loki and sent an awesome email to Joss Whedon after reading _The Avengers_ script –which Whedon had re-written from scratch after tossing out one Marvel already had from Zak Penn– for the first time.

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Review – Thor 2: The Dark World


The latest edition of Marvel’s assault on cinemas everywhere is a charming little beast. Thor was always going to be one of the more difficult characters to make the transition from inky page to silver screen, (certainly when compared to his Avengers brethren) but given most of the legwork was done in *Thor* and *The Avengers*, very little time is wasted getting on with the plot, such as it is. Rather than *The Dark World*, they should have called it *The Wibbly Wobbly Time/Space Shifting Shenanigans*. Anthony Hopkins knocks out a bit of exposition (primarily to let you know who to boo – it’s evil elves this time, led by Malekith, played by a virtually indistinguishable Christopher Eccleston) and on with the show we go.

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