Rush Trailer #3 Actually Sells the Movie


We’ve seen [trailers for this film before
]( and they’ve done a pretty good job of conveying that this movie is going to be about a rivalry where two men go to extremes to beat each other, but now there’s a third trailer that makes the movie look exciting.

Let’s watch!

I was expecting this movie to be good just based on the talent involved, but this trailer makes the movie look like both an interesting character piece AND an exciting racing movie. That’s a very good thing. Ron Howard is a great director and it looks like he might have cast James Hunt perfectly with Chris Hemsworth and though we see less of him I fully expect Daniel Bruhl to be great as Niki Lauda.

So basically this movie just went to “that might be good” to “I want to see this” for me.

Rush comes out 27th September and I’ll be there.