Martin Freeman and Benedict Cumberbatch Greet ComicCon


The Sherlock panel at ComicCon happened yesterday and by all accounts it was quite a bit of fun if light on the news. The highlight may be this video that stars Martin Freeman and Benedict Cumberbatch sent in to greet the attendees (they are off filming in New Zealand and couldn’t attend in person).

From [EW]( via [SlashFilm](

Oh those crazy Brits and their charm-via-accent.

Also interesting is this tidbit:

> As for the third season, it was explained that the first episode will really focus on Sherlock’s return to the land of the living, after an apparent dire fate at the end of season two. (Despite that fate being shown to be false at the very end.) The point isn’t so much to explain how he lives, but what effect his life has on the people around him, starting with Watson. “All the talk tends to be about “how did he do it,” said Moffat, “but I don’t think that’s the interesting part. That’s just the answer.” He explained that “the centerpiece of the thing is when John and Sherlock meet again.”

Still no announced date for series 3 to broadcast, but episodes 1 and 2 are reportedly shot and episode 3 is about to shoot, so here’s hoping it’s sooner rather than later.